Google Chat API Goes GA: Migrations to Chat Now Possible

With the general availability of Google Chat APIs, mainstream chat migrations to Google Chat are now possible for businesses of all sizes and industries worldwide. The public availability of the APIs now enables us to cater to all Slack to Google Chat migration requests.

Having developed the industry’s first Slack to Google Chat migration path (in collaboration with Google Workspace), we have already migrated our first customer (for this cloud combination), Vendasta, and helped them make the transition from Slack to Chat seamless, secure, and non-impactful for the end-users. All of this was carried out while the Google Chat APIs were in developer preview.

Enhanced Google Chat Opens Scope for More Adoption & Consolidations into Google Workspace

For years, many businesses, such as Vendasta, have relied on third-party chat platforms due to the lack of advanced collaborative and admin features in Google Chat despite primarily using the Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) cloud suite.

But the recent advancements in Google Chat have made such businesses reconsider their usage of external chat apps and the amount of money they spend on license costs. Vendasta reassessed their considerable yearly spend in Slack licenses and found that the latest features in Google Chat presented an opportunity to revert to the platform they originally used (formerly known as Hangouts) in their early days.

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The Outlook of Migrations into Google Chat with the APIs’ General Availability

As part of launching the first Slack to Google Chat migration path in the industry, we have already made a lot of advanced features as standard, such as Slack Channels (public and private) migration, direct messages migration, and more.

The general availability of the Chat APIs further creates opportunities for us to add more advancements to our migration tool and cater to the varied migration needs that businesses have. The Slack to Google Chat migration path is also an important addition to our overall Google Workspace migration solutions that enable businesses to fully consolidate into Google’s cloud suite.

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