CloudFuze Releases Version 2.0 with Added Cloud Support and New Features.

Release extends CloudFuze to additional cloud storage services and enterprise content management systems and adds new collaboration functionality.

DURHAM, NC – June 25, 2014 – CloudFuze, a leader in cloud storage services management, has announced the release of CloudFuze version 2.0. The new release is available immediately in iOS, Android and web app versions. The product release adds new functionality for CloudFuze’s business and individual customers and additional cloud storage connectivity for development partner customers who use CloudFuze’s development platform and API.

With the release of version 2.0, CloudFuze enables businesses and individual professionals to establish hybrid and multi-cloud storage environments which capitalize on the benefits of different file storage options without the need to manage the complexity of interacting with multiple storage services. Business customers get a universal file management platform that supports mobile workers (Apple iOS, Android and web app versions), connects to an increased set of leading storage services and enterprise content management systems and enables collaboration and file sharing regardless of file location.

Development partner customers can implement broad connectivity to numerous file storage options into their products without developing and maintaining it themselves. Using CloudFuze’s RESTful API-based platform, a single integration point opens up the vast file storage universe for their customers.

The release offers multiple new features including:

More cloud storage and enterprise content management system connectivity .

CloudFuze 2.0 adds support for Microsoft One Drive, Amazon S3, Unbuntu One, Alfresco and ShareFile. In addition, industry-standard connectors for CMIS, WebDAV and FTP extend the reach of CloudFuze to other storage systems with industry-standard interfaces.

Enhanced file share functionality .

Files can now be shared with public, private and restricted settings and/or with password protection and expirations.

Increased management and search capabilities .

In CloudFuze 2.0, customers gain additional tagging and sorting capabilities and also the ability to search for files across all cloud storage services within the CloudFuze platform.

“We are pleased to announce CloudFuze version 2.0. This version supports more file storage options and collaboration features as requested by our customer base,” says Ravi Poli, Founder and CEO of CloudFuze. “As file storage possibilities continue to grow, CloudFuze offers customers the simplicity of a single connection point to all of their files. CloudFuze 2.0 also demonstrates our dedication to supporting the variety of emerging hybrid storage models.”

With version 2.0, CloudFuze expands its reach to new cloud storage services, adds enterprise content management (ECM) system connectivity and supports private storage by offering fast path integration via WebDAV, FTP and CMIS industry standards. The result is a universal platform that allows both business and development partner customers to leverage existing investments in ECM systems and private storage and simultaneously take advantage of new cloud storage options without the need to choose one or the other. It is this support for emerging and varied hybrid storage environments that defines CloudFuze’s vision.

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About CloudFuze

CloudFuze’s goal is to lead the next phase in the evolution of cloud storage and document and file management. Our aim is to enable knowledge professionals, companies and software developers to connect to and reap the benefits of the expanded set of file management and storage options without the need to deal with their complexities.

The CloudFuze platform offers seamless connectivity to the growing universe of enterprise content management systems and storage clouds. More significantly, the CloudFuze platform provides a robust set of management capabilities that make it possible to collaborate and manage files and documents regardless of where they reside. Finally, CloudFuze supports the increasingly mobile work force by offering its functionality on a variety of devices. The result is that CloudFuze customers can use a single platform across all of their devices to access and manage any file or document regardless of where it is stored. To learn more, visit

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