CloudFuze Announces the Release of Web Application and iOS clients

The addition of CloudFuze for Apple iOS and a web app fulfills company vision to support cloud file management from any device.

CARY, NC – September 24, 2013 – CloudFuze, a leader in cloud storage services management solutions, has announced the release of both an Apple iOS version and a web application of its cloud file management software. Now, the reach of CloudFuze’s powerful platform extends to not only include iOS devices, but also any internet-enabled device. With these additions to their product suite, CloudFuze has reached its goal of providing file management support for users of multiple cloud storage services— from anywhere and on any device.

The complete CloudFuze suite of products now includes desktop, web, and mobile applications for Android and iOS. Since CloudFuze allows users to access their cloud storage files from their work computer or from their personal devices, it enables greater mobility and productivity gains by facilitating more effective cloud file management.

“The lines between work and personal time continue to blur. More and more, knowledge workers are using company computers as well as their personal devices to work,” says Ravi Poli, Founder and CEO of CloudFuze. “CloudFuze recognized the need to support the emerging ‘bring your own device’ work environment by enabling users to access files from anywhere.”

Customers are able to use CloudFuze’s cloud management software across all of their devices for a single fee, providing them with a universal set of file management functions on a user-friendly interface that connects to multiple cloud storage services. As a result, CloudFuze offers a “learn it once” approach to accessing and managing files, regardless of the cloud storage provider or device being used. The ease of use of CloudFuze saves time and increases productivity, thus making workers more efficient.

“If you can’t access your cloud storage files or easily manage them, then you can’t be very effective or efficient in your work,” Poli adds.

With the latest product releases rounding out its device support capabilities, CloudFuze turns its attention to adding richer file management capabilities and additional cloud storage services to better meet user needs.

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