CloudFuze adds key file collaboration functionality with “Workspace” feature

file cCollaboration functionality

With its latest feature release this week, CloudFuze significantly expanded the collaboration capabilities of its web app and has taken the next step in its development of its best in class multi-cloud collaboration platform.  Previously customers could use CloudFuze’s “Share” functionality to quickly and easily share or send files from any of their storage accounts to someone.  Now the new “Workspace” feature adds another level of group collaboration.A group using CloudFuze can now set up a special Workspace within CloudFuze, pull a set of files into this shared space and collaborate on these files regardless of where they are located.  The feature is especially helpful for small and medium businesses and groups within large enterprises that have the need to share and work on files or documents within a group.

It works like this:

 You establish a Workspace and invite a select group of people into this shared work environment and set permissions ranging from view only, edit or co-owner (with the ability to make changes to the Workspace itself). Note that Workspace users must have a CloudFuze account to access a Workspace.

 You pull then pull files from any storage service supported by CloudFuze into this Workspace where all of the Workspace members can access them using their CloudFuze account.

  Workspace members now have a single control panel for all of the files and documents related to a group or project. The control panel reaches across the various storage services from which the files come.

For people who work on many projects or with different groups and with files across different storage services, a separate CloudFuze Workspace can be established for each group or project creating a separate dashboard and file storage area for each.

 No more emailing files every which direction and then having trouble finding them later.

 No more logging into and out of different storage services trying to find a file for a specific project.

  No more time wasted managing files spread across multiple groups or projects and located in different storage services.

If you are already a CloudFuze customer, we encourage you to try out the new Workspace feature.  You can find a step-by-step how-to guide with screen shots HERE.Or if you are not yet a CloudFuze customer, we would love to offer you a free 30-day trial to try out Workspace and other CloudFuze collaboration capabilities.

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