Cloud Storage Migration With File System Permissions

When you think about the team that collaborates on just one file in a small to medium-sized company, the numbers quickly spiral. The number of team members working on one file can quickly jump to the double or even triple digits, and imagine if you had to reauthorize each user with new permissions, once you’ve migrated your system to the cloud. It would be chaos.

CloudFuze has developed the unique feature our users have been asking for, making it easier than ever to transfer files between cloud storage accounts with file system permissions. Now you can migrate all the collaborative information and file permissions of your data, without the worry of losing it throughout the migration process.

It’s a tool that’s become increasingly important in today’s multi-cloud environment. Our users have data stored across numerous cloud storage platforms, with the need for a consolidated storage provider and IT admin who controls the vast amounts of data centrally. This is why such a great emphasis is being placed on enterprise data migration with file system permissions as even more companies continue to move toward a more organized cloud culture.

What To Expect: Cloud Storage Migration With File System Permissions

We know what our users want, and we specialize in delivering it to them. During migration with data migration with file system permissions, we offer IT admins these assurances:

  • File & folder hierarchy structure is maintained, guaranteeing no loss of productivity
  • Reporting tools to provide the admin with full visibility and control over migrations
  • All data, regardless of the amount of files, file types and individual file sizes, shall be migrated to a different storage provider safely and securely
  • Intuitive and user friendly tool that allows the admin to map users from source to destination
  • File sharing permissions are migrated, negating any effect on teamwork and productivity in the corporation

Choosing An Enterprise Migration Platform For Your Business

Taking the above into account, it’s clear to see that choosing the right platform for a company migration with file system permissions is a huge endeavor for any company, but it doesn’t need to be. Of the many, many options vying for the modern IT admin’s attention today, our tool is the bestchoice that achievesall enterprise level migration requirements.

So what are some of the notable features that set our enterprise migration apart from our competitors’? For one, our user-to-user cloud migration means we’ll migrate the complete folder structure, featuring all files, from storage cloud to source to the destination storage. Our technology is proven effective for vast data migration, guaranteeingeasy migration of data regardless of file size.

The CloudFuze Enterprise Migration platform is able to perform cloud-to-cloud transfer of unlimited files, minusall indexing of metadata. It just makes our tool free of response problems for vastamounts of files. We use AES 24-bit encryption and OAuth 2.0 to secure migration data even further, guaranteeing full data security and protection.

These are only a few of the aspects that migration with file system permissions one of the smoothest and easiest solutions available on the market today.

Contact CloudFuze to discuss your cloud storage migration with file system permissions needs in greater detail. We look forward to hearing from you.

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