Cloud Migration Success Factors for Enterprises & SMBs

With every business undergoing digital transformation, a rising trend in the tech industry, cloud transitions have evolved to be a crucial part of this trend. From scaling up your capacity to building business intelligence capabilities, and eventually, the ability to compete, cloud migration offers a lot. However, businesses need to understand that cloud migration is not a standalone project, a close collaboration between all the teams is a must.

At CloudFuze, we are one of the key players in the market in providing efficient cloud migration services for large enterprises and SMBs. The success factors for SMBs and enterprise cloud migration differs for each use case.

We will learn in detail about the essential cloud migration success factors that ensure successful cloud transition and set the stage for longer-term transformation.

1. Proper Migration Planning

Planning is the foremost cloud storage migration success factor for businesses. In this phase, businesses need to collaborate with stakeholders from all relevant teams and design a comprehensive cloud migration plan to ensure everyone is on the same page and address any issues without delay.

Migration from one cloud to another comes with both benefits and challenges. Partnering with an expert cloud migration professional to leverage the benefits proficiently. Along with planning, businesses need to set common goals to optimize costs, evaluate infrastructure, what needs to be migrated, allocate resources, risk management and focus on scalability and flexibility.

At CloudFuze, we take pride in having a knowledgeable and experienced team to help businesses in developing proper migration planning.

2. Choosing the Right Cloud Migration Tool

The right cloud migration tool is essential for successfully switching from one cloud to another. The tool must support the transfer of files and folders from source to destination cloud and must continue to maintain its performance throughout the cloud migration journey.

Our cloud migration tool complies with the relevant industry standards and regulations. It efficiently:
Tracks each cloud’s file and folder migration

  • Streamlines the process
  • Offers incremental migration
  • Sends notifications to help you stay updated on the transfer
  • Ensures links are not broken during the migration
  • Retains external shares and preserves file versions

You can check out our customer success stories to learn how our industry leading migration solutions have enabled businesses to migrate securely and successfully.

3. Ensuring Optimal Security

In this step, an in-depth security audit is performed on your cloud environment to detect any potential threats and vulnerabilities and check if there is a need for any additional protection. It is advisable to use secure protocols to encrypt data when transferring it from one cloud to another. Also, make certain that your data in the destination cloud is encrypted using uncompromising encryption standards.

4. Performing Thorough Validation

This step is as important as the pre-migration planning phase. At this stage, a thorough validation is performed to review and make sure that the cloud migration process is successful. You might prepare a list of documents such as files, folders, and data to verify if they are migrated successfully and are functioning as required. Cloud migration can be smooth and efficient when you partner with the right migration partner. At CloudFuze, we ensure that no data is lost or corrupted throughout the migration process.

Read out cloud migration case studies to understand how our customers have benefitted from our highly secure cloud migration solutions.

5. Adopting Industry’s Best Practices

Cloud migration is a step-by-step process and must be carried out systematically and with caution. Continuous monitoring of data, optimizing data in the cloud, and having an eye on the post-migration review reports are proven to be industry best practices to ensure efficiency and long-term success. Businesses need to practice these to look for any potential problems that must be addressed immediately.

Following cloud migration success factors for enterprises & SMBs can help achieve strategic goals and leverage complete benefits. Talk to our experts now about a tailored cloud migration strategy.

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