Streamline Box Data Migration to Google Drive with CloudFuze

Migrating cloud data from Box to Google Drive with utmost security is a complicated process that requires hands-on expertise. That’s where managed migration services can become a boon to save time and money while utilizing years of experience of the vendor.

Our managed migration services include expert assistance and end-to-end support from professionals having exposure to enterprise Box files migration to Google Drive. This blog post covers the importance of a managed migration service and what a managed service from CloudFuze will provide. Read on!

Why Organizations Should Consider Managed Migration Services?

Moving from Box to Google Drive requires robust implementation as it involves complexities like planning the roadmap, deciding on a feasible timeline, accurately mapping all user accounts, migration tool understanding, user onboarding, post-migration planning and so much more.

Without having prior experience, it is a time consuming and error prone process. Additionally, ensuring safety standards and governance regulations add more to the complexity and the risk. That’s why it is crucial to have end-to-end support via managed migration service for Box to Google Drive migration from a trustable partner like CloudFuze.

Streamline Box to Google Drive Migration with CloudFuze’s Managed Migration

Our cloud data migration experts work closely with your IT team and end-users to appropriately plan and implement Box data migration to Google Drive to ensure the strategy aligns with security standards, company’s objectives, and timelines. We offer expert assistance throughout the process, but to specifically name, here’s what is involved in a managed migration service:

  • We offer a thorough pre-migration assessment to decide on the scope of work and the timeline of the migration.
  • To perform accurate user-mapping, we help you prepare the user account list and custom CSV mapping to ensure no conflicts arise during the migration.
  • An appropriate sanity test of the servers is crucial for the migration and can be quite complicated too. We takeover to ensure no downtime and extreme security for your organization.
  • With a thorough understanding of your organizational needs, we deploy and run our migration platform single-handedly, sparing your time that was required to understand the ins and outs of the platform.
  • We offer complete visibility with daily track reports providing a 360° view of the entire migration.
  • We make post-validation much easier and effective through progress reports and expert assistance.
  • Even after the Box files migration to Google Drive has been completed, we offer professional support to resolve all queries and assist in the post onboarding process.

With our industry-leading migration platform (X-Change) coupled with extensive migration services, we help you streamline and securely implement all the stages of migration. We offer end-to-end support for more than 40 cloud storage platforms including Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, SharePoint Online, Egnyte, and more.

We prioritize cloud office migration processes that are not only efficient, but also robustly secured to meet the industry-standards. Contact us to know more about our cloud data migration solutions.

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