What’s the best cloud storage for your small business

The best cloud storage for a small business is going to be one that offers a lot of storage, reliable back up and integration across multiple devices. Tools that facilitate collaboration are also high on the list, but with the rise of bring your own device (BYOD) the best cloud based storage for a small business is one that will be used easily by any device and offer a lot of reliable storage for a nominal fee (or no fee at all).

Hopefully, you don’t need to be convinced as to why a small business should be moving their storage into the cloud. Using an online storage provider allows employees of small businesses to work from their own devices, cutting down on costs for providing workspaces and equipment, as well as giving remote access

An obvious problem that can arise from BYOD are lost documents if a device meets an unfortunate end. Having your businesses’ documents at the mercy of a tipsy cup of coffee is not ideal. Using a cloud based storage option keeps those documents safe if something happens to an employee’s device. The best service will be one that backs up your documents automatically and of course offers a lot of storage.

If you’re making a decision as to what cloud storage provider to go with for your small business, the answer may not be so obvious (or maybe it is).Dropbox regularly tops the list as the best cloud storage provider over-all from a simplicity standpoint. It’s quick and easy to set up, and fairly intuitive to use. It offers good access to documents, but for more than five collaborators you’ll be paying a fee.

If the recent issues with Dropbox have left you wondering whether or not it’s the best option to use for your small business, since after all security is a pretty big concern, consider checking out this article outlining some good alternatives to the storage giant.

A great free option, and one that integrates well across all devices, is Google Drive. You’re able to work directly on documents with multiple users – so employees can BYOD and work together, or work remotely and collaborate. This would be ideal for a small business that needs continuous real-time access to documents without providing a space for all employees all the time. Google Drive also offers a large amount of storage at no cost, and upgraded versions are reasonably priced.

If you anticipate needing a lot of storage, a cloud storage provider like BitCasa offers infinite data storage for (just) under $100 a year. Data and file versions are backed up, similar to Google Drive, allowing you to share a lot, store a lot and have some peace of mind.

If none of the above options appeal to you, BusinessWeek recently published a very comprehensive comparison of some of the best cloud storage services for small businesses, outlining each of their major features.

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