What are Virtualization and Cloud Computing?

The concepts of virtualization and cloud computing can be confusing. So, what are virtualization and cloud computing?

Virtualization is the simulation of a hardware platform, operating system, or storage device on a computer. In other words, virtualization describes the ability to run multiple operating systems on a single physical system, with the operating systems sharing the underlying hardware resources of the computer. One example of virtualization is the ability of a person working from their home computer to log into the operating system of their employer and access the programs and files at their office, as if they were there.

Cloud computing is a type of internet-based virtualization technology in which things like servers, storage space, and program applications are delivered remotely to a user’s computers and devices. One of the major aspects of cloud computing is cloud storage, where information is stored in the cloud and users can access their files and data from a cloud storage service. Examples of cloud storage services include Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box, which enable users to store and access files located remotely on internet servers, thus decreasing the need for local computer storage space and hardware resources.

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