Save Time and Money with Efficient Cloud Storage Management

Using online cloud file storage and sharing services offers individuals and companies many advantages. Cloud storage allows users to save local hard drive space and access their content from almost anywhere, and popular cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, and SugarSync even offer a limited amount of free online cloud storage space. As a result, many people have content stored in various places, on a number of different cloud storage services.

However, having multiple cloud accounts actually negates some of the advantages of cloud file storage by taking up additional disk space and making accessibility more difficult. Cloud file management can become a real hassle! Wouldn’t it be helpful if you could sync Google Drive with Dropbox, sync Dropbox with SugarSync, or sync Box with Google Drive—or, better yet, what if you could sync all of your multiple cloud accounts and view them in one place? What you need is a simple way to access and manage all of your cloud storage services at once, and the secure cloud storage management software called CloudFuze offers just that.

Consider the following scenario:

…You have multiple cloud storage accounts, and your information is stored in various places on cloud storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive, SugarSync, Box, and FTP. You are in an unscheduled meeting, away from your computer, and you need to access a file that you have stored in the cloud. But when you search for the file in Dropbox, it is not there, so you begin to search through your other cloud storage accounts. Now, though, you have wasted your time as well your colleagues’ time, and as a professional you may look unprepared or disorganized, or even lose an opportunity. So, how can CloudFuze help you avoid this?

CloudFuze Saves You Time and Money: When you are looking for a file stored on one of your many cloud storage service accounts, it can be difficult to remember where you put the information. If you log in to one of your cloud accounts only to find out that the file you need is not there, it can be very frustrating. At the least, you lose valuable time, and you could also miss a great opportunity.

However, CloudFuze makes cloud file management easy by allowing you to sync multiple cloud storage services to one place. CloudFuze takes away the hassle, saving you money by saving you time and taking the guesswork out of cloud file storage. With the cloud storage solution of CloudFuze, you are prepared and know right where to find your files, and quickly!

Thus, there are many benefits to cloud file storage, and many cloud storage services are available for your use. Nonetheless, inefficient cloud file management can be a liability, especially when disorganized cloud files located on multiple servers makes you seem unprepared and lead to frustration and embarrassment.

Instead, let CloudFuze improve your business and your life by making cloud file storage management and cloud file sharing both easier and more efficient, while also saving you valuable time and money and preserving your professional reputation.

-By Rosa Fattahi

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