ShareFile to OneDrive Migration Challenges and Solutions

Organizations opt for ShareFile to OneDrive migration for different reasons such as to increase user productivity, get streamlined file management, or collaboration experience. However, they face several challenges during the migration process, and these challenges must be addressed to ensure a smooth and effective migration. In this technical write-up, we’re going to discuss the challenges and provide you with a one-stop solution to migrate ShareFile to OneDrive smoothly.

Common Challenges

Let’s first discover the challenges that you can face during the migration. Later, we’ll discuss the one-stop solution through which you can overcome these challenges.

1. Invalid File or Folder Names

The files or folders having the names such as .lock, CON, PRN, AUX, NUL, COM0 – COM9, LPT0 – LPT9, _vti_, desktop.ini, and any filename starting with ~$, etc., are not supported in OneDrive. Also, when migrating files or folders to OneDrive, it does not support ‘forms’ when the folder is at the root level for a library.

2. Invalid Characters

Certain characters have certain meanings, especially when used in file names. For example, ‘*’ denotes wildcards, and ‘\’ denotes file name paths. In case a file or folder contains any of the characters (“ *: < > / \ |), it may create a syncing issue.

3. File Permissions

Another challenge that you may encounter during ShareFile to OneDrive migration is permission mapping. ShareFile and OneDrive have different permission models. So, transferring the permissions may create an issue at the time of migration.

4. Path Length Issues

There is a path length restriction in OneDrive, and it is limited to 400 characters. In addition to that, if the files in OneDrive are synced, then the path length of the root folder + the relative path of the file can’t exceed 500 characters. These restrictions could create challenges during the migration.

5. Version History Migration

ShareFile retains file versioning and history, and migrating this information may pose a challenge during migration. It’s essential to transfer the version history to ensure continuity.

6. Preserving Timestamp

Another challenge that comes in the way while performing ShareFile to OneDrive migration is preserving the Timestamp. Transferring the sequence of events is crucial to ensure data integrity and avoid data discrepancies.

One-Stop Solution for ShareFile to OneDrive Migration

CloudFuze is the answer to the above challenges related to ShareFile to OneDrive migration. With our migration solution, you can transfer ShareFile content to OneDrive simultaneously.

Some of the advanced features of our ShareFile to OneDrive migration tool include;

  • Incremental or Delta migration – You can migrate the changes, i.e., modifications, additions, or deletions made after the initial migration.
  • Root folder and Permissions migration – This capability ensures that all permissions are efficiently transferred from ShareFile to OneDrive.
  • Timestamp migration – You can easily transfer the Timestamp from the source to the destination environment. With our migration tool, you can maintain data integrity and ensure an accurate chronological sequence of events in the destination environment.


ShareFile to OneDrive migration may have several challenges. However, it can be easily overcome by our migration tool. With this one-stop solution, you can ensure a smooth migration from ShareFile to OneDrive. For more details, contact our team now!

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