1. Introduction

Both ShareFile and Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) is cloud-based file sharing and content collaboration platforms. Over the years, G Suite gained popularity in the business segment due to its collaboration features. With Google making Workspace more and more enterprise-friendly, many companies that are using other solutions are drawn towards it.

ShareFile has a very different structure than any other cloud storage platform, including Google Drive. Hence, migrating a business from ShareFile to Google Workspace can be a difficult, expensive, and time-consuming task for IT Administrators.

This guide helps you understand how businesses can leverage CloudFuze to migrate from ShareFile to G Suite. Or watch this migration video:

Youtube video :

Contact domain migration specialists, take a demo, and see how CloudFuze can help your Citrix ShareFile to Google Workspace migration go off without a hitch.

2. ShareFile to Google Workspace Migration Challenges

Data is either lost or disrupted too often during the data migration process. The process of transferring data from one cloud  (ShareFile) to another (Google Workspace) is complicated, time-consuming, and often frustrating. For organizations with large data sets, the risk of making an error before and during the migration is too high.

Key challenges of ShareFile to Google Workspace migration include:

  • Migrating all file types stored in Personal and Shared Folders of ShareFile
  • Migrating file versions
  • Migrating folder and file permissions
  • Migrating comments on the files
  • Preserving timestamps
  • Security and integrity
  • Avoiding downtime during migration

If you are also planning to migrate to Google Shared Drive, refer to this ShareFile to Google Shared Drives

3. How to Solve ShareFile to Google Workspace Migration Challenges?

These technical challenges are what transform a simple data migration project into a nightmare. Choosing a third-party tool like CloudFuze can help you defeat these ShareFile to Google Workspace challenges with ease.

CloudFuze data migration tool, with its ability, creates detailed mapping specifications and transfers large amounts of data from ShareFile to Google Workspace by intelligently eliminating data loss and downtime during the migration.

Using the CloudFuze tool helps you migrate all the files and folders from ShareFile to Google Workspace with its permissions, timestamps, versions, and comments.

In the following table, you can see how to transfer docs from ShareFile to Google Drive and how the permissions will change after the migration.

ShareFile Google Drive (after migration)
Word Document (.docx) Word Document (.docx)
PowerPoint (.pptx) PowerPoint (.pptx)
Excel Worksheet (.xlsx) Excel Worksheet (.xlsx)

Table 1: Migrating all file types from ShareFile to Google Workspace

ShareFile Google Drive (after migration)
ShareFile Google Drive (after migration)
Owner Owner
View View
Upload Edit
Download Edit
Delete Edit
Admin Edit
View+Download Edit
View+Download+Upload Edit
View+Download+Upload+Delete Edit
View+Upload Edit
View+Upload+Delete Edit
Download+Upload Edit
Upload+Delete Edit

Table 2: Migrating file-sharing permissions from ShareFile to Google Workspace

CloudFuze is well-equipped to meet your data migration requirements. Having handled migrations ranging from a few hundred to a few thousand companies in various business scenarios, our experts have extensive experience in dealing with complex ShareFile to Google Drive migrations.

4. How CloudFuze Maps the Data between ShareFile and Google Workspace While Migrating?

CloudFuze migrates ShareFile Folders to Google Drive as follows:

  • Personal Folder My Drive (All the “Personal Folder” data of ShareFile is migrated to “My Drive” of Google Drive)
  • Shared Folder Shared Drive (All the “Shared Folder” data of ShareFile is migrated to “Shared Drive” of Google Drive)

Mapping between Citrix file share to google workspace

5. Why Choose CloudFuze for Your ShareFile to Google Drive Migration?

Data is one of your company’s most valuable assets, and you need it to grow your business. Here are the reasons why you should choose CloudFuze for migrating your business data from ShareFile to Google Workspace.

  • Migrates permissions, timestamps, comments, and versions of all files and folders
  • Proven track record of timely completion of data migration projects
  • Experienced migration professionals with domain expertise
  • Ensures smooth migration with zero downtime and zero data loss
  • Tailor-made migration solutions as per your business needs
  • Price quotes that suit your diverse business requirements
  •  Secured migration with no access to the tool to view or store data
  •  Available to either deploy on your company’s server or use on CloudFuze SaaS servers
  • A dedicated migration team that takes complete responsibility for your migration project
  • Updates you on the migration status via emails or calls as per your preference

6. How to Migrate ShareFile Data to Google WorkSpace?

To initiate your ShareFile to Google Drive migration, you must have the below prerequisites:

  • CloudFuze account login credentials (Enterprise trial available on request)
  • ShareFile admin login credentials
  • G Suite admin login credentials

Step 1: Log in to CloudFuze

Go to webapp.cloudfuze.com and log in to your account. For a demo or enterprise trial account, please reach out to our support team.

Login to CloudFuze

Step 2: Add Your ShareFile Account

Locate the ShareFile logo in the list of business clouds and click on it. A popup then appears where you need to enter the admin login/access details.

Add Your Citrix ShareFile Account

Step 3: Enter Your ShareFile Subdomain

Enter your organization’s ShareFile subdomain and click on the Continue button.

citrix domina

Step 4: Enter Admin Login Credentials

Now, enter the admin login details of your company’s ShareFile account.

Enter Admin Login Credentials

Step 5: Add G Suite to CloudFuze

Locate and click on the G Suite logo in the business clouds list. Follow the same procedure of cloud adding that you did for the ShareFile account.

Add G Suite to CloudFuze

Step 6: Enter G Suite (Workspace) Login Credentials

Enter the admin login credentials of your organization’s G Suite (Workspace) account.

Enter G Suite Login Credentials

Step 7: Authorize the Cloud Addition Process

Click on the Allow button to add your G Suite account to CloudFuze.

Authorize the Cloud Addition Process

Step 8: Verify Whether Clouds Added Successfully

Head to the Clouds section by clicking on the Clouds logo in the left menu bar. Once clicked, go to the Manage Clouds tab. You should be able to see both Citrix ShareFile and G Suite accounts added here.

Verify Whether Clouds Added Successfully

Step 9: Start the Migration

To configure your migration and start it, you need to click on the Team Migration icon in the menu on the left.

Start the Migration

Step 10: Select Source and Destination Cloud Accounts

Choose ShareFile as a source account and G Suite as the destination.

Select Source and Destination Cloud Accounts

Step 11: Syncing Migration Pairs

CloudFuze supports both automated and manual mapping via its Auto-mapping and CSV migration feature. Auto-mapping feature discovers the users in the G Suite based on their email alias and migrates content. For some reason, if a company wants to migrate data between different users, then the CSV method should be used.

Syncing Migration Pairs

Step 12: Select Users to Be Migrated

You can migrate a few users or all the users within your ShareFile account. In this demo, we migrate the data of one user.

Select Users to Be Migrated

Step 13: Configure Your Migration Preferences

You can choose other options like job type, additional notifications, etc. You can also give a custom migration job name. This is particularly useful when you run multiple migrations parallelly.

Configure Your Migration Preferences

Step 14: Start the Migration

Once everything looks good, click on the Start Migration button.

Start the Migration

Step 15: Migration is in Progress

CloudFuze displays the status as In Progress while the file transfer is in progress.

Migration is in Progress

Step 16: Migration Has Been Completed

Once the migration is completed, CloudFuze displays the status as Processed. For business and enterprise users, CloudFuze provides a dedicated migration team that proactively sends migration updates to your email.

Migration Has Been Completed

7. ShareFile to Google Workspace Migration FAQs

1. How much does it cost to migrate from ShareFile to Google Workspace?

There are various factors to consider when determining the price for ShareFile to Google Workspace migration, such as the size of the data, the number of users, and the features you choose. Contact our migration experts today to get a customized quote based on your migration needs.

2. Can CloudFuze migrate large data volumes from ShareFile to Google Workspace?

CloudFuze migration platform doesn’t have any data size limit and can migrate TBs/PBs of data with no downtime. However, Google Drive only permits each user to upload 750 GB of data per day. When the data migration hits the threshold limit, the data transfer continues the following day, and the process continues till the complete data is migrated.

3. What if any errors occur during the migration?

Managing and executing the migration involves a lot of challenges and complexities. So, we have built a team of migration professionals with technical expertise in dealing with any errors during the migration process.

Our dedicated migration team will work collaboratively with you throughout the migration process and support you if you have any post-migration issues.

4. Does the CloudFuze tool offer delta migration?

Yes. The tool initiates the delta migration on successful completion of a one-time migration, which migrates the incremental changes.

5. How CloudFuze secure your data during the migration process?

During every stage of your data migration, CloudFuze employs robust security measures. We respect our clients’ organizational requirements; thus, we use the OAuth protocol and a RESTful API platform to authorize your credentials and securely move data. Read here to learn more about CloudFuze security.

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