Move All Types of Files from Dropbox to Google Drive

In almost all Dropbox to Google Drive migrations that involve transferring a high volume of data, files make up the bulk of the data. Therefore, it is crucial to choose a migration tool that can support the migration of all types of files your organization has in its Dropbox account.

What Does it Take to Move all Files from Dropbox to Google Drive?

In order to move files in their entirety, it is crucial to preserve their permissions, timestamps, versions, and other critical features that enable seamless collaboration between users.

It is equally important to get the mapping part right to be able to migrate all the files accurately for each user. This way, your IT team can ensure that the end-users do not get impacted by the migration. Think of it as a part of streamlining the change management process inherently in the migration process itself.

Move all File Types from Dropbox to Google Drive with CloudFuze

With our Dropbox to Google Drive migration tool, your company can migrate all types of files available in Dropbox, including:

  • Dropbox Paper
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Google Docs
  • Google Sheets
  • Google Slides

all File Types from Dropbox to Google Drive
Dropbox Presentation
Dropbox spreadsheet
Our tool migrates these files in the .DOCX format in Google Drive as well as Google Shared Drives. Here are other primary benefits of using our migration tool:

  • No breakage of file links
  • Preservation of sharing permissions

Migrate Dropbox and Other Source Clouds to Google Workspace with CloudFuze

Apart from Dropbox data, such as files, folders, etc, you can also migrate other source clouds, e.g., chat platforms, email systems, etc, with our one-stop Google Workspace migration solution.

As a Google Cloud partner, we offer industry’s best Google Workspace solutions that are reinforced by our end-to-end support. Our managed migration solution helps your team streamline every stage of the migration, right from the pre-migration analysis stage to the migration completion and validation stage.

Connect with our migration experts today and learn how we can meet your company’s specific migration needs.

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