How to Streamline Migration from ShareFile to SharePoint Online?

If your organization is considering to migrate from ShareFile to SharePoint Online, it is crucial to have a streamlined plan to ensure a smooth transition. In this how-to guide, we’ll discuss a structured plan through which your IT team can streamline the migration process.

Steps to Streamline the Migration from ShareFile to SharePoint Online

Your IT team can overcome the ShareFile to SharePoint Online migration challenges if they follow the given steps.

1. Evaluate the Existing Environment

The first step towards a successful ShareFile to SharePoint Online migration is to assess the source environment. It will help your IT team to identify the type of data such as documents, images, and videos you want to migrate from ShareFile. Also, you can define a timeline and budget for the migration.

2. Prepare Your Destination Environment

Just like assessing the source environment, preparing the destination environment, i.e, SharePoint Online is also important. So, you need to plan the site structure, permissions, and other important policies before the migration.

3. Prepare Your Source Data for the Migration

Prepare your source data before the migration. That includes removing any redundant or outdated files. Restructuring the files and folders to align with the planned SharePoint Online environment. In other words, your IT team should clean up and organize the ShareFile data to ensure a clutter-free migration.

4. Choose Professional Migration Tool

Next comes one of the important steps, i.e., choosing the right migration tool. CloudFuze is among the leading providers of different cloud migration tools. Our ShareFile migration tool offers various features such as auto mapping, customization, and more. You can rely on our tool to achieve a successful data migration from ShareFile to SharePoint Online.

5. Perform a Test Migration

Before migrating your entire data, it is always a best practice to start with migrating sample files. This way you can identify technical gaps (if any) and have the time to address them before the migration.

6. Communicate with Users

Another important step is conveying the message about the migration to all the stakeholders, end users, etc. They should know what will be the impact of the migration to their day-to-day activities.

7. Carry Out the Full-Scale Migration

Once you run the test migration and let the users know about the migration, the next step is to perform the full-scale or actual migration. Make sure all the plans and processes are in line with the migration.

8. Validate the Migration

After completion of the migration, make sure it is a successful one. Verify whether the intended data is migrated from ShareFile to SharePoint Online positively. Make sure all the files and folders are transferred correctly with all their metadata and other features intact.

9. Provide Post-migration Support

Once the migration process is completed, your IT team should fulfill the post-migration formalities, i.e., to provide on-going support to the users since they are experiencing the SharePoint Online platform for the first time. Check whether they need any assistance to get familiar with the platform, if yes, then arrange the same.

CloudFuze Can Help Your Organization Streamline Migration from ShareFile to SharePoint Online

Your IT team may find the data migration from ShareFile to SharePoint Online a complex process. However, you can collaborate with us and our cloud migration team can help you plan and execute the migration process as per your organizational needs. Contact us now to get started with your ShareFile to SharePoint Online migration.

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