How to Use the New Box File Request Feature

Box improved the file request feature recently and added new features and functionalities to it. Well, it isn’t a completely new feature but an enhanced one. In this article, we showed how a Box user can request files from another Box user or even an outsider. Note that only files can be uploaded with this feature and one will not be able to upload folders.

Step 1: Log in to Your Box Account

Enter your login credentials to access the home dashboard. Note that any user with a standard Box account shall be able to use this feature. So, you need not be a Box admin to do this. Box admins, however, have more controls on this feature and configure it to best suite the organization’s requirements.

Step 2: Go to All Files

Locate All Files in your Box homepage and click on it. This is will take you to the page where you can manage files and folders.

Step  3: Create a New Folder

Click on the New icon and create a folder. This will be the shared folder where all the requested files appear.

Step 4: Complete Creating the New Folder

Enter a folder name. Add a few collaborators if you need to. Grant them Editor or other permissions based on your needs. Now, click create.

Step 5: Click on File Request to Configure the Feature

Click on the ellipsis icon to access the folder management options. Locate the File Request (New) option in the dropdown and click on it.

Step 6: Enable File Request Link

By enabling a file request, you will be given a URL. The URL can be used by anyone (including those who are outside of Box) to upload the content. Note that you can apply additional security filters to ensure better security.

Step 7: Edit the File Request Preferences

Click on the Edit button that you can see below the link. Note that the Link must be enabled first to be able to use this feature. If the Link is disabled, toggle it to enable.

Step 8:  Configure the Upload Box

Box provides four fields namely Metadata, Upload Zone, Email Address, and File Description.

Step 9: Choose Your Options

Once you choose your options, preview, and save.

  • Metadata: Add metadata field to capture additional information
  • Upload zones: Provides consistent upload experiences to users 
  • Email address: Add to enter the email address of the collaborators
  • File description: A plain text field that allows collaborators to enter the details of uploaded files

Step 10: Save the Preferences

Preview the options once again and click on the Save button to save them.

Step 11: Select Files to Upload

Click on the Select Files button to select and upload from your computer or local file system.

Step 12: Enter an Email Address and Description

Now, enter the description files and also the email in it.

Step 13: Submit the Files

Click on submit and the files will now be submitted to the newly created shared folder.

Step 14: New File Has Been Added Successfully

That’s it. The file has been successfully added to the shared folder created a while ago.

Step 15: Get More Insights Including the Names of Contributors

The name of a contributor will be displayed next to the file for better understanding.

We hope you found the article useful.

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