How to Restore a Suspended User in a G Suite Account

G Suite admins can suspend users in their org’s  G Suite account for various reasons such as termination of employment. Suspending a user doesn’t actually delete anything from the user’s account but makes it inactive. The whole idea of suspending a user account instead of deleting it to restore it whenever needed.

If you are new to G Suite and if you need to restore a suspended user, simply follow the steps below.

Step 1: Log in to your Google Admin Console

Go to and enter your G admin login credentials. Note that you must be a G Suite admin to perform this action.

Step 2: Click on the Users Icon

Locate Users icon in the admin dashboard and click on it. It will redirects you to the user dashboard.

Step 3: Access Users List

The user management section in the G Suite admin console displays all the list of users

Step 4: Start Searching for the Suspended User

By default, G Suite will not show the suspended users in this list. What you can see is only the list of active users. To solve this, we need to apply a small filter.

Step 5: Click on Add Filter

Select Email as a filter and enter the email address of the suspended user.

Step 6:  Enter the Email Address

Remember to enter the email address of the suspended user in this filter and click on the Apply button.

Step 7: Suspended User is Now Visible

Once the filter is on, the suspended user will be visible. If you don’t find the user, make sure to enter the email address correctly or check if the user is really inactive. To ensure that the email alias is right, go back to your emails and find the right email address of the user from old email records.

Step 8:  Click on Reactivate

Locate ‘More’ dropdown in the table and click on it to expand. You now will find an option to activate the account. Click on the Reactivate button.

Step 9: Confirm Reactivation

Confirm reactivation by clicking on the Reactivate button on the dialog box. The account will be reactivated immediately and the user can access it with their old password unless you decide to change it.

Step 10: Suspended User is Back in the Active User List

After reactivation, the suspended user will start showing up in the list of all active users.

We hope you found the article helpful.

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