How to Disable G Suite Super Admin Privileges for a User

Adding or deleting team admins is a common task even though it is not carried out regularly. If you moved to G Suite recently from on-prem or other cloud services, this article helps you understand how admin access for a particular user can be revoked in G Suite. The process is fairly simple and you just need to follow the steps. Please keep in mind that this action can be performed only by a user who already has super admin privileges.


  • A G Suite account with a super Admin Role.
  • An existing and active super admin account to be removed.

Step 1: Sign to Google Admin Console

Login to the G Suite admin console at

Step 2: Access Users’ List from the Admin Console

Click on the Users icon from the list of all options available in the admin console. Upon clicking you will be redirected to the user’s management page.

Step 3: Find the User Whose Admin Status Needs to Be Revoked

Scroll down the list or search by name to access the user with admin privileges. By this time, you should already know whose admin privileges are being revoked. Therefore, finding the user should be a straightforward task.

Step 4:  Click on Admin Roles and Privileges

On the user management page, find the Admin roles and privileges section. Then, click on the Assign Roles link. Note that the link does not mean for just assigning but also managing roles.

Step 5: The Super Admin Status Is Active

As seen in the picture, the super admin status is currently for the user. Click on the Super Admin tab to revoke the access.

Step 6: Click on the Toggle Switch

Since the user has active super admin privileges, the toggle switch is blue e and active. Click on it to revoke the admin access.

Step 7: The Super Admin Status Has Been Revoked

The super admin privilege gets disabled upon clicking the toggle bar.

Step 8: Verify Your Action

Go back to the user’s roles section and you should see the Super Admin role as ‘Not assigned’.

We hope you found this article helpful.

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