How to Add Google Workspace G Suite to Cloudfuze?

In this quick tutorial, we will find out how to add Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) to CloudFuze and prepare it for migration.


  1. A CloudFuze account
  2. A Workspace (G Suite) admin account

Step 1: Go to CloudFuze Webapp

Go to to create an account or log in. If you already have an account, enter your admin login credentials.

Login Credentials

Step 2:  Click on G Suite Logo

Locate the G Suite logo in the list of business clouds. It will open a browser popup where you need to install a CloudFuze migration app from the Google Workspace/G Suite marketplace.

locate GSuite

Step 3: In the Authentication Pop-up, Please click on Proceed Button

Click on the Proceed button to go to the G Suite marketplace.


Step 4: Install CloudFuze App

Click on the Install button to install the CloudFuze app.

CloudFuze for Product

Step 5: Enter G Suite Admin Login Credentials

First, enter the admin login URL of your company’s G Suite account and click on the Next button.

Admin credentials

Step 6: Check Permissions and Allow Access 

Please click Allow– you will get a 3 step authentication (make sure to check to Agree on terms).

allow access

Step 7: Complete the Authentication Process

Click on the Done button.

Authentication Process

Step 8:  Click on Already Done

Now again select Google Suite in the clouds page – this time please click on Already Done.

Already done

Step 9:  Now Enter Your G Suite Admin Credentials

Enter the G Suite admin login email.

GSuite Credentials

Step 10:  Click on the Allow button. 

Please select your account and click on the Allow button.

Allow access

Step 11: G Suite Has Been Added

Click on the Clouds icon and go to Manage tabs. You will be able to see your G Suite account being added there.

Clouds added

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