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Google Drive Cloud Storage:

Google Drive or GDrive is one of the top cloud storage services, introduced in 2012. GDrive also has the highest number of users comparing with other players in this space. Existing users of Gmail can easily access Google Drive without additional registration or signup. Google Drive has apps for most of the platforms including Windows, Linux, Android, iOS and Mac along with simple user friendly app on a web browser.

GDrive also supports  Google Docs, Sheets and Slides, these formats not only enable accessing these files stored in the cloud and users can make changes instantly. These GDrive file formats are widely adopted by large number of computer professionals and knowledge workers worldwide.

Google Drive Offers great collaborative features like file sharing, co-editing, presence indication, document versioning and live chat while working on the docs or sheets. Google Drive enterprise version comes with G-Suite and has about 1 million enterprise customers.

Google Drive Connector for CloudFuze:

Though Google Drive offers full range of features, there are still some user requirements which are not fulfilled. CloudFuze connector for GDrive compliments some of these capabilities and also provides several capabilities needed in a multi cloud environment. CloudFuze connector for GDrive capabilities are listed below and if you have questions or if you are looking for any more capabilities, please contact us.

Multiple cloud storage accounts management:

CloudFuze extends Google Drive usage by offering multiple accounts Management with single login. CloudFuze users can connect multiple accounts of Google Drive and access files from all those accounts at once. There is virtually no limit on the number of GDrive accounts you can add to your CloudFuze account.

Single view of all your cloud storage services:

CloudFuze offers the feature of combining different cloud storage services and viewing all of your files at once. For example you can combine Google Drive with Dropbox, Box, OneDrive and Amazon S3 with one CloudFuze account and view all files at once.

Advanced file sharing capabilities:

CloudFuze offers advanced file sharing features where users can select different secure file sharing methods like share files with password, share files with download count and share files with date of expiry.

File transfer between cloud storage services along with file sharing permissions:

With CloudFuze you can transfer files from Google drive to  Dropbox, Box, OneDrive and Amazon S3 and any other provider supported by CloudFuze. You can see a list of cloud storage services supported by CloudFuze here. CloudFuze offers high speed migration with fully secured migration standards for any size of business or number of users. CloudFuze not only transfers your files, but also migrates all file access permissions between most of the storage services.

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CloudFuze supports more than 40 cloud Migration services including Google Drive,
Dropbox, Amazon, and Box etc.


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