Everything You Need to Know About Box Shield

The box is already known for being one of the most secure cloud storage and collaboration services. Box introduced a new security product feature called Box Shield. The beefed-up security aims to reduce the risk of data loss or breach while ensuring the smooth flow of information between stakeholders.

How does Box Shield Works?

Box Shield comes with a set of controls that would let admins classify their data, manage classification labels, and enforce classification-based controls.

Top Box Shield Features

  • Define and manage security classification labels
  • Manual or automatic files or folder classification
  • Classification-based control
  • Suspicious content download behavior detection
  • Blacklisting IPs, domains, or regions
  • Detailed Box Shield alerts
  • Alerts can be forwarded to SIEM or CASB

Categorize Your Important Content

From personal data to confidential healthcare data to critical financial documents, Box shield helps you to arrange all your files and folders with classification labels – either manually or automatically.  These labels that appear within Box, educate your team about the importance or the scale of confidentiality.

Other key Security Controls include:

Shared links restrictions
Figure out who is eligible to access shared links. For example, when your file is titled as [Internal], you can be restricted to share files or folders within your organization.

External collaborator restriction
The limited external collaboration function blacklists domains or blocks it completely based on the sensitivity of the content. For example, if a file is titled as [Restricted PII], external collaboration is only shared with business partners that are approved, data processors.

Download Restriction
This feature enforces download restrictions to those who download a file or folders when people are accessing from Box web app, mobile, or box drive

Applications Restriction
Restricts all applications which specify 3rd party applications and custom apps that can download sensitive data from Box.

FTP restrictions
Restricts all the FTP transfers along with uploaded files or folders.

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