Effectively manage multiple clouds – it’s possible

Too much of a good thing?

We say that variety is the spice of life, but is that true when it comes to using multiple cloud applications for storage?

How familiar is this scene: you are sitting at your desktop, you’ve got multiple windows open, you’re clicking from Google Cloud Apps, to Dropbox, to Box as you try to access and view all of your documents stored on a cloud app.

According to Forrester, it’s estimated that by the beginning of 2013, each cloud user will be using more than ten different cloud appsfor storage. So much variety incloud app service providers can create wasted time. Imagine not only having to keep up with ten different cloud accounts, but also constantly clicking between ten different cloud application windows as you search for documents.

Cloud users often don’t just have one Google Drive account and one Dropbox account, but have multiple Google drive accounts or multiple Dropbox accounts based on different needs such as one relating to their work, one to personal life, etc.

Now, imagine the reduction in desktop clutter if you could see all of your cloud files in just one simple dashboard. You would no longer need to open multiple cloud application windows to access all of your documents.

CloudFuze eliminates the need to independently keep up with multiple applications in the cloud and switch between cloud app windows by providing a single desktop application that improves the cloud management experience in many ways including single sign-on for multiple cloud accounts and even offline editing.


Simplicity is often cited as the number one thing to consider when it comes to selecting a file-sharing solution,and what could be simpler than being able to manage multiple cloud accounts with a single login and password?

After registering and logging into CloudFuze, you simply add your Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, SugarSync, and/or FTP account to the CloudFuze dashboard, and within seconds you have access to everything on your account. You can edit, rename, sync, share, transfer, and categorize your files across all your cloud app accounts without having to actually visit the website and log in to every account.

Uninterrupted Access

The biggest disadvantage to using cloud applications is your lack of file access if you don’t have internet access. Again, CloudFuze has got you covered. If your files have been synced to your CloudFuze desktop app, you will be able to access them even if you are offline. This allows you to modify and work on documents even when internet access isn’t available. Once you connect back to the internet and log in to CloudFuze, your documents will automatically sync with your other cloud storage app platforms.

So just imagine a new scene: you go to your desktop and click on one single app, and you instantly have the ability to manage multiple cloud accounts, ranging from your Google Cloud Apps to Box, and you don’t even have to open your internet browser.

by emilie@cloudfuze.com

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