After nearly a year of work on the product concept, CloudFuze establishes its cloud storage management company.

CARY, NC – October 23, 2012 – CloudFuze was officially formed today with the goal of offering individuals, small and medium-sized businesses, and large enterprises the ability to more effectively manage files and work collaboratively using cloud storage services. CloudFuze will soon provide a cloud storage management product that enables users to access and manage multiple cloud storage accounts from one robust platform.

People and businesses around the globe are rapidly adopting cloud storage services for their numerous benefits. For a low price, cloud storage offers users anywhere access, automated backup and recovery, sharing and collaboration capabilities, and other remarkable features; however, as users spread their data across multiple clouds, the ease of use and additional benefits of cloud storage are being undermined by the increasing complexity of interacting with the growing number of cloud storage services.

Founder Ravi Poli envisioned and established CloudFuze to respond to the demand for a more connected cloud storage universe that enables easy collaboration across many different clouds. Leveraging more than 10 years of experience in enterprise integration and a vision for the future of cloud storage and its vital role in cross-organization collaboration, Poli formulated the idea for CloudFuze.

“We saw a real need for expanding options for cloud-based storage and its intersection with mobile technology,” says Poli. “CloudFuze was designed to help people capitalize on these new options for increased file access and greater productivity, without the hassles of managing so much complexity.”

Poli and a small team of experts have been working on the concept since early in 2012, beginning product development well before the official formation of CloudFuze. The company is planning to release the beta version of its flagship product in early 2013.

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