Cloud-to-Cloud Backup: How to Back Up Cloud Files and Content?

Business have been relying on cloud heavily to store and access content. Even though cloud is considered a safer alternative to legacy storage systems from a data security standpoint, a human error or a system error could still lead to a data disaster. Therefore, it is important that content on the cloud is frequently backed up to ensure that no critical file or folder goes missing.In this article, we explained how businesses of all sizes, from SMBs to large enterprises, leverage on CloudFuze’s powerful backup/sync platform to safeguard their cloud files on cloud.Before we read further, let us quickly check some benefits of a cloud to cloud backup solution:

  • Eliminates the need to rely on local storage systems
  • 2X more data security
  • Cheaper when compared to traditional backup methods
  • Easy to deploy and scale
  • Better recoverability

A cloud file backup and sync solution such as the one provided by CloudFuze helps a business (or even an individual managing their personal data) by creating an exact copy of existing cloud content in a new cloud service. The best part is that CloudFuze automates the whole backup process that every time a change is made in the primary cloud account, the same will be updated in the backup cloud account.

How to back up or sync cloud files using CloudFuze?

Check this step-by-step tutorial to understand how cloud backups and sync jobs can be done with CloudFuze.

Note that we have used Google Drive and OneDrive clouds for demo. Visit our connectors page to find out the full list of supported clouds.

If you are a business user looking for a cloud backup solutions, please contact us and let us know your requirements.

1. Create a CloudFuze Account

sign up

A CloudFuze account is needed to use any of its service. Go to CloudFuze’s sign-up page to create an account. Note that CloudFuze offers a limited trial to test its services.

2. Login to Your Newly Created CloudFuze Account


Use your CloudFuze login details to log in and access the dashboard.

3. Add and Authorize Your Two Clouds (Google Drive and OneDrive)

add clouds
As said earlier, we used Google Drive and OneDrive for demonstration. Therefore, we added Google Drive and OneDrive. If you are planning to use different cloud services, you must add those two cloud accounts that you own.

4. Authorize Google Drive

add googledrive

Find Google Drive logo from the list of available cloud services and enter your Google account’s login credentials. When you entered your login details correctly, Google will ask you if you are willing to grant your account’s access to CloudFuze. Just click on ‘Allow’ button’ and your Google Drive account will be added successfully.

Note that you will only be giving a limited access to CloudFuze. CloudFuze wouldn’t be able to access your data like a human does. The authentication process is same as when you try to create a third-party website or application account using your Google, Facebook, or Twitter accounts.

5. Authorize OneDrive

add onedrive

Authorize OneDrive just like how you authorized Google Drive.

6. Check Whether You Added Two Clouds Successfully

verify clouds

Click on the “Manage Clouds” tab. If the two clouds are added successfully, you should be able to see them on this page.

7. Start Backing up Data


To start the backup process, click on the ‘Consumer Backup’ tab on the left navigational menu and select Google Drive as source cloud and OneDrive as destination cloud. Once you are ready, click on the ‘Backup’ button that can seen on the top right corner.

8. Name Your Backup Job

name the sync job

Enter a preferred name and click on the “Next” button to initiate the backup process. Note that the name field can also be left alone.

9. Check the Status of Backup

pause & abort sync

Go to “Consumer Backup” and click on “Sync Reports”. This page not only provides you the status of the backup/sync job but also allows you to pause the process or abort it altogether.

We hope you understood how CloudFuze’s cloud file back solution works.

If you are a business user, we strongly recommend that you get in touch with our support team and they will be able to provide you a live demo.

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