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There are a number of different cloud storage providers now competing in the market for your business. OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, Box and Amazon Cloud Drive are some of the more popular choices available for personal and business use, but there are a great many more poised for the business consumer.

Cloud storage provides one central space for all business data to be stored, as well as software and applications, and is the ideal manner in which to manage and backup all company information and data. It can act as a company intranet too, creating the designated area for all essential business documentation and templates to reside. Another advantage to storing everything in the cloud is the ability to manage the data remotely. Employees can literally access company information from anywhere in the world with specific access controls and permissions for different departments.

With so many cloud storage providers on the market today, the competition between them is fierce, which often leads to businesses needing or wanting to switch providers. It could be for better pricing, more features or even more space, but whatever the reason, extensive, professional business cloud storage migration strategies need to be implemented to ensure that businesses can continue to operate smoothly while they switch all their data and information from one provider to another.

Business Cloud Storage Transfer .

When businesses want to make use of business cloud storage transfer services, they are usually concerned about a few things:

 What security is offered during transfer?

 What is the speed of the migration?

 Is support offered before, during and after the migration?

 Plus there will be specific migration features that apply directly to each business and their personal requirements and these will need to be met

Each of these scenarios needs to be addressed with the utmost in experience and professionalismto avoid loss of information, breach of security or interruptions in workflow. Any setbacks could become very costly to a business, so it is essential that the right team for the job is hired to conduct the migration.

This is where managed migration services prove their value. This is a service that allows the business customer the opportunity to leave the migration task (in its entirety) to a team of experts. All of the concerns are handled with professionalism and the transfer is concluded swiftly and accurately.

Preparing A Cloud Migration Strategy .

Professional service providers dealing in medium and small business cloud storage transfers will prepare a migration strategy before conducting the actual transfer.The migration strategy acts as a checklist of what needs to be done as part of the business cloud storage transfer before work can begin again as usual.

Using a solution such as CloudFuze to manage your cloud migration transfer, cloud transfers become effortless and easy to track, with a host of other benefits:

 Each and every file and folder that is transferred can be tracked and reported on during and after the migration.

 Alerts can be set up to notify you when specific documents, folders or applications have been transferred.

 Over 40 different cloud providers are supported within the system, for cloud-to-cloud migrations or local to cloud transfers.

 The process runs in the back end meaning you can get on with other aspects of business while the work is being done for you.

 Migrations are quick and there are no limitations on the size of the files for transfer.

Being able to have this process managed for you by a reputable team of professionals takes any negative side effects out of the entire cloud migration.

When you need to service your car you take it to a professional mechanic, when you’re sick you go to a doctor. When you need to transfer highly sensitive company information, documents and applications into the cloud, you hire a professional business cloud storage migration specialist.

Contact CloudFuze today to discuss all available options for the safe, secure and fast migration of your important company data.

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CloudFuze supports more than 40 cloud Migration services including Google Drive,
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