Is Your Data Really Safe? Cloud File Backup

According to Symantec’s 2013 report, 60% of companies that lose their data go out of business within just months. These frightening numbers are a reminder that it is wise to safeguard our important data against unexpected catastrophe or loss, and backing up files locally to another place like an external hard drive, USB, or disc has long been a common practice.

But, what if that backup location meets disaster? Local backups cannot completely ensure the safety of your data, so what can you do to protect yourself and your business?

Luckily, with today’s technology, individuals and businesses have a much more secure option for protecting their data—cloud file backup. Cloud service providers offer a useful means to backup your files online, in the virtual realm of “the cloud,” where you can easily access them from any device with internet access, at any time, without having to worry about theft, fire, or other problems that can endanger your files.

Let’s look at some of the many benefits of cloud-based file backup:

Accessibility :

Cloud file backup service providers allow you to store your data on online servers, making it possible for you to access your files from any location with internet access, at any time – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Security :

Cloud Backups 2013 Data Loss Statistics revealed that about 70% of professionals suffer vital data loss due to issues like accidental deletion, hardware failure, viruses, or natural disaster. Unlike local backup methods, using cloud file backup ensures the security of your data by protecting against such file loss or damage. Plus, most reputable cloud servers employ various password and data encryption methods to further safeguard your confidential files.

Reliability :

With your important files stored virtually on cloud file backup servers, you can always rely on being able to get the information you need, when you need it, because local hardware malfunctions or physical damage like hard drive crashes or data loss won’t affect your valuable files.

Recoverability :

Many cloud file backup services have file restoration and recovery point options to help you in case of disasters like hardware damage or accidental deletion of a file. In fact, Symantec reported that, in 2013, 47% of enterprises lost data in the cloud and were able to restore their information from backups. Local backup measures such as USBs or external hard drives don’t offer such protection, and there’s little point in data backup if you can’t recover or restore files when problems occur.

Scalability :

Cloud file backup ensures that you never run out of storage space on your local drives, and online storage providers offer plans that you can scale to size as your needs change.

Simplicity :

You can forget the hassle of scheduling regular local backups or replacing full hard drives, because cloud services offer real-time, continuous, online file backup, with few manual requirements.

Affordability :

Cloud file backup requires no financial investment in special hardware or software. The best cloud backup services offer a certain amount of free cloud file backup space and pricing based on usage, and most cloud providers have monthly or yearly plan options available to meet various budgetary needs.

Many have argued that cloud file backup plans are more expensive than local backup methods and, at first glance, this may appear true. However, with all of the other benefits and protections that cloud file backup offers, securing your vital data from theft or damage while allowing you to access your files at any time, from almost anywhere, you just can’tafford not to use it!

By placing your files and other data on some of the best cloud file backup servers like Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, SugarSync, and FTP, you will ensure the safety of your information while at the same time enjoying the greater freedom, accessibility, and security that online file backup and storage provides.

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