Migrating large data between cloud storage/office suites can be highly challenging for companies. The bigger an organization is, the tougher it becomes for IT admins to migrate data.

The following are some of the major enterprise cloud data migration.

  1. Moving TBs or PBs of data on infrastructure that’s not meant for high-speed transfers
  2. Migrating sharing permissions
  3. Migrating vendor-specific content formats (E.g. Box Notes, Dropbox Paper, Google Docs, etc.)
  4. Platform variations and complexities (For example, Microsoft doesn’t support certain special characters in file names that Box may support. Individual file size limits vary between service providers.)
  5. Throttling errors and API failures

The challenges remain pretty much the same for all cross-cloud data migrations. Companies that try to migrate from Box to Google Drive would face the same challenges as well.

Now, let’s talk about Box to Google Drive enterprise migration.

The following are the five important things IT admins should keep in their mind before attempting to transfer files from Box to Google Drive.

1. Analyze Your Box Content

Log in to your Box admin account and check how many users your company needs to migrate. Ideally, you must purchase the same number of user licenses in Google Workspace (formerly G Suite). The next step is finding out the total size of data (org-wide data).

2. Find a Migration Partner

Business migrations always require a migration partner as transferring data manually could take months or even years to complete. The most challenging part is migrating sharing permissions. Enterprise cloud storage migration companies like CloudFuze speed up and automate the entire migration, allowing IT teams to focus on their other priorities.

3. Work up Timelines

Discuss with your migration partner about the migration project goals you would like to achieve. Get fair and accurate estimates on migration timelines.

4. Monitor the Migration Project

Companies like CloudFuze provide a dedicated migration team for every enterprise customer. Communicate with them on a daily basis to keep a track of the migration process.

5. Prepare an Onboarding Plan for End Users

You must train your team members on how to use  Google Drive (Google Workspace) properly. This end-user onboarding training drastically reduces security incidents in the months to come.

Read more about CloudFuze’s Box to Google Drive migration guide for IT admins.

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