A straightforward approach does not work well for performing Amazon WorkDocs to OneDrive migration, especially at an enterprise scale. It is crucial to choose the right migration solution and frame a proper strategy to get every aspect of the cloud transition right.

As one of the industry-leading cloud office migration solutions providers, we at CloudFuze, have the right tool, insights, and methodologies that can enable your organization to move from Amazon WorkDocs to OneDrive in a seamless and secure way.

Challenges of Migrating from Amazon WorkDocs to OneDrive

Businesses face several challenges when migrating to OneDrive from Amazon WorkDocs. The challenges stem from the need for businesses to replicate the properties of the Amazon WorkDocs files and folders in OneDrive. Here are some of the core challenges:

  • Migrating the sharing permissions of root and inner folders and files
  • Preserving the timestamps (modified and/or migrated) of Amazon WorkDocs files and folders in OneDrive
  • Migrating the links embedded in files without breaking them
  • Preserving the versions of files

Steps to Migrate from Amazon WorkDocs to OneDrive

Explore each step of migrating users, files, and folders from Amazon WorkDoc to OneDrive using our content migration platform, X-Change. Follow along to gain full clarity on the migration process.

Step 1: Log Into the CloudFuze Webapp

The first step is to access our migration webapp. Log into it if you already have an account.

CloudFuze webapp

Step 2: Request for A Business Migration Account if You Don’t Have It

If you don’t have an account to perform multi-user migrations on our webapp, please create an account and request for the multi-user migration feature.

Multi User Migration

Step 3: Add the Amazon WorkDocs Cloud to CloudFuze

Navigate to the Business Clouds section of the CloudFuze webapp dashboard. Locate Amazon WorkDocs and click on Add Cloud.

Amazon WorkDocs Cloud to CloudFuze

Step 4: Add the OneDrive Cloud to CloudFuze

Similarly, locate OneDrive for Business in the Business Clouds section and click on Add Cloud.

Add the OneDrive Cloud

Step 5: Verify the Clouds Addition

Navigate to the Manage Clouds tab and check whether both clouds are added. If one or both clouds are not present, it indicates cloud-adding failure. Restart the cloud adding process to resolve the issue (only if it occurs).

Verify the Clouds Addition

Step 6: Configure the Source and Destination Clouds

Click on Teams Migration. Choose Amazon WorkDocs as the source and OneDrive as the destination cloud. Click on Next to proceed to the next stage.

Click on Teams Migration.

Step 7: Map the User Accounts

In this Content Mapping stage, map the user accounts from Amazon WorkDocs to OneDrive. To simplify the mapping process, you can use the webapp’s Auto-Map feature which automatically maps the source and destination user accounts based on their email aliases.

But for custom mapping, CSV mapping is the way to go. Our migration team will help create CSV mappings for your organization’s users as a pilot batch and for the actual migration.

Map the User Accounts

Step 8: Map the Permission

In the Permissions Mapping stage, review the automatically mapped user permissions. You can make changes to the permissions mapping by clicking on the edit icon.

Map Permissions for Amazon doc to OneDrive

Step 9: Set the Migration Parameters

In the Migration Options stage, choose the migration parameters as per your migration needs. Select the types of file features to migrate. In the Job Options section, you can set additional parameters as per your preference.

Migration Parameters

Step 10: Preview and Start the Migration

The final step before starting the migration is to preview all the parameters you have set.

Preview and Start the Migration

If everything looks good to go, click on Start Migration to start the data transfer process.

Start Migration

Step 11: Monitor the Migration

Upon starting the migration, you will be redirected to the Reports page. There, check the migration statuses in the dashboard to keep track of the migration process.

Monitor the Migration

The migration status will change to Completed after all the user accounts, files, and folders are migrated from Amazon WorkDocs to OneDrive.

Migration completed

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