Things to Know Before You Move Files From Box to Google Drive

Are you planning to move files from Box to Google Drive? You can lower costs and improve collaboration with office apps by moving your Box business data to Google Drive.

But before you migrate from Box to Google Drive, it is essential to consider the challenges so that you can plan for the migration in the way that best suits your company.

switching from Box to Google Drive

The following are the important things businesses need to know before switching from Box to Google Drive.

  • Maximum File Upload Limit

The daily file upload and sync limits for Box and Google Drive are different. Box lets you upload and sync only up to 100,000 files and 100GB per day. But unlike Box, Google Drive allows you to upload/sync up to 750 GB of files per day, after which you will not be able to upload/migrate any more files until the next day.

As a result, you can only move 750 GB of data per user per day when migrating Box files to Google Drive.

Find out how CloudFuze’s Box to Google Drive migration works here.

  • File and Folder Sharing Permissions Model

You can control who has access to your files and folders and their level of access through the permission settings. Although both cloud platforms offer the ability to share, store, and edit files, their file-sharing permissions differ.

The file and folder sharing permissions associated with Box are as follows:

  • Editor
  • Viewer Uploader
  • Previewer Uploader
  • Viewer
  • Previewer
  • Uploader

Box Permissions Model

Fig: Box Permissions Model

The file and folder sharing permissions associated with Google Drive are as follows:

  • Viewer
  • Commentor
  • Editor

Google Drive Permissions Model

Fig: Google Drive Permissions Model

Consequently, it can be challenging for businesses to match permissions when moving files from Box to Google Drive. Using CloudFuze, a Google Migration Partner, users can transfer files from Box to Google Drive whilst retaining access permissions and folder hierarchy.

Here is how CloudFuze maps Box file-sharing permissions to Google Drive:

Box Permissions Google Drive Permissions
Editor Editor
Viewer Uploader Editor
Previewer Uploader Viewer
Viewer Viewer
Previewer Viewer
Uploader Viewer
Owner Owner
  • Maximum Allowed Sub-Folder Length

Multiple subfolders can be created in both Box and Google Drive accounts to organize your files. In Box and My Drive, you can create multiple sub-folders whereas in Shared Drive you can create up to 20 levels of sub-folders.

So, what if you want to migrate more than 20 levels of folders from Box to Google Shared Drive? CloudFuze offers the ability to migrate nested folders beyond the 20th level from your Box account to Google Drive. It will create a link with the “Long File” name in the 20th folder, which opens the 21st sub-folder, etc.

How Migrating From  Box to Google Drive Can Transform Your Business

  • Files and Folders Storage Limits

Every cloud storage service offers a different storage limit, so the number of files and folders that can be stored varies. Below is the storage limit for Box and Google Drive:

  • The box allows you to create 15,000 files maximum in a single folder.
  • Google Drive folders that are not part of a shared drive can contain up to 500,000 files.
  • A single shared drive can store up to 400,000 items, including files, folders, and shortcuts.

My Drive has a higher storage limit than Box, so moving files from Box to My Drive is not an issue. It is not possible, however, to move Box files to Google Shared Drive that exceed 400,000 items. Data can be split between multiple Shared Drives and migrated in this case.

CloudFuze runs a pre-migration test and generates a report with complete details of the number of files and folders. Thus, the data can be properly split and migration errors can be avoided.

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