1. Introduction

Companies are moving steadily from Citrix ShareFile to Google Drive to embrace the full benefits of cloud office suites. However, the migration will be incomplete unless the entire data from Citrix ShareFile Personal and Shared Folders is transferred to Google Drive and Shared Drives.

This article will help IT Admins learn how to migrate the business data from Citrix ShareFile to Google Shared Drive as seamlessly and as smoothly as possible, regardless of industry.

 If you are running out of time, our team of migration experts is here to assist you, handle your complexities and help make your migration successful. or watch the migration video:

2. Main Challenges of Migrating Citrix ShareFile to Google Shared Drive

Citrix ShareFile and Google Drive almost appear to be similar in how they show and store the data. Citrix ShareFile has Personal Folders and Shared Folders, whereas Google Drive has My Drives and Shared Drives. Though Citrix ShareFile Shared Folder and Google Shared Drive seem to be similar, they differ in the permission levels, file types, and how it allows users to collaborate. Migrating each workload without losing a single piece of data can be challenging for IT Admins.

Moreover, each cloud will have its own set of limitations. Similarly, there are limits to the number of items and daily data limits you can migrate to the shared drive.

  • Items limit– A maximum of 4 Lakh items can be migrated to a shared drive, including files, folders, and structures.
  • Daily uploads limit– A maximum of 750 GB of data can be migrated per day between My Drive and all Shared Drives.
  • Folder limit– A maximum of 20 levels of nested folders can be migrated.

3. Solution for Successful Citrix ShareFile to Google Shared Drive Migration

Choosing a ready-to-use and effective solution for your business data migration is crucial to overcome the challenges and make the Citrix ShareFile to Google Shared Drive migration successful. CloudFuze migration platform with a well-planned strategy ensures that all the data migration challenges are addressed.

Let us see how the CloudFuze migration tool migrates all file types and permission levels from Citrix ShareFile to Google Shared Drive.

Citrix ShareFile Google Shared Drive (after migration)
Word Document (.docx) Word Document (.docx)
PowerPoint (.pptx) PowerPoint (.pptx)
Excel Worksheet (.xlsx) Excel Worksheet (.xlsx)

Table 1: Migrating all file types from Citrix ShareFile to Google Shared Drive

Citrix ShareFile Google Shared Drive (after migration)
Owner Content Manager
View Viewer
Upload Content Manager
Admin Content Manager
View+Download Content Manager
View+Download+Upload+Delete Content Manager
View+Upload Content Manager
View+Download Content Manager

Table 2: Migrating file-sharing permissions from Citrix ShareFile to Google Shared Drive

CloudFuze migration tool also automatically bypasses the Google Shared Drive limitations.

  • Items limit– If a Shared Drive has 4 Lakh items, we create a new shared drive and move the exceeded items into it.
  • Daily uploads limit– Once the threshold limit of 750 GB of data per day is reached, CloudFuze processes the data and automatically carries out the migration the next day.
  • Folder limit– If a folder has more than 20 levels of nested folders, CloudFuze creates a link “Long File” name in the 20th folder, which opens the 21st folder, and so on.

4. How CloudFuze Maps the Data From Citrix ShareFile to Google Shared Drive?

CloudFuze migrates all the Citrix ShareFile “Shared Folders” data to Google Drive’s “Shared Drives”.

citrix Share File to Google Shared Drive

Mapping the data from Citrix ShareFile “Shared Folders” to Google Drive’s “Shared Drives” is not as simple as it looks. You might want to migrate the data to a particular path or migrate to a different person.

To solve this, CloudFuze dedicated migration team creates a “.csv” file in communication with IT Admins where the source cloud (Citrix ShareFile) paths and destination cloud (Shared Drives) paths are clearly defined. Once the “.csv” file is created in alignment with business goals, the team uploads it on the tool and initiates migration.

Table 2: CSV mapping to migrate files from Citrix ShareFile to Shared Drive

Source Cloud Id Source Path Destination Cloud Id Destination Path
payton@exinent.com /shared folder payton@exinent.com /Share Drivename
leo@exinent.com /shared folder/foldername payton@exinent.com /Share Drivename/foldername

5. Why Should CloudFuze be Your Migration Partner?

CloudFuze is one of the most preferred migration partners with over a decade of experience in data migrations. As a Google Technology Partner, we offer the most reliable services for Citrix ShareFile to Google Shared Drive migration.

CloudFuze has a dedicated migration team that delivers exceptional end-to-end data migration solutions for all your business needs. Our dedicated migration experts take care of the entire migration process, assuring zero data loss and no downtime. Take advantage of CloudFuze’s dedicated migration team and get your Citrix ShareFile to Shared Drive migration managed with ease.

6. CloudFuze Citrix ShareFile to Google Shared Drive Migration Platform Features

CloudFuze offers almost all the features a business needs for a successful Citrix ShareFile to Google Shared Drive data migration.

  • Supports one-time migration
  • Supports delta migration (incremental changes)
  • Migrates users
  • Migrate comments
  • Migrate versions
  • Migrate shared links
  • Preserve timestamps
  • Send regular updates on the migration status via emails

7. How to Migrate Citrix ShareFile Data to Google Shared Drive?

Ensure you have the below credentials to initiate your Citrix ShareFile to Google Shared Drive migration:

  • CloudFuze account login credentials (Enterprise trial available on request)
  • Citrix ShareFile admin login credentials
  • G Suite admin login credentials

Step 1:  Log in to CloudFuze

Go to webapp.cloudfuze.com and log in to your CloudFuze account. If you don’t have an account, you can create one using your email, Gmail, or Office 365 accounts. If you are an enterprise user and need a custom trial account, please reach out to our migration team.

Login to CloudFuze

Step 2: Add ShareFile Account

Search for the Citrix ShareFile icon under the business clouds list and click on it.

Add ShareFile Account

Add ShareFile Account

Step 3: Authorize ShareFile Account

Enter ShareFile login details and click on the Sign in button.

Authorize ShareFile

Step 4: Add Shared Drive Account to CloudFuze

Similarly, click on the Shared Drive account logo to add that to CloudFuze and set it up for migration. Click on the G Suite admin login credentials when prompted.

Add Shared Drive Account to CloudFuze

Step 5: Allow Access to CloudFuze

Click on the Allow button to provide CloudFuze a secure access to your G Suite account.

Allow Access to CloudFuze

Step 6: Verify Cloud-Adding Process

Go to the Clouds page in the webapp and then click on the Manage Clouds tab. You should see both ShareFile and Shared Drives being added there.

Verify Cloud-Adding Process

Step 7: Start the Migration

Click on the Team Migration icon to initiate the migration process.

Start the Migration

Step 8: Select Source and Destination Cloud Accounts

Select ShareFile as a source account and Shared Drives as the destination.

Select Source and Destination Cloud Accounts

Step 9: Upload CSV File for Mapping Users

Please note that this particular combination uses the CSV method given the nature of the two clouds. You have to upload a CSV file that defines source and destination users.

Please keep in mind that things like these are usually taken care of by our migration managers.

Upload CSV File for Mapping Users

Step 10: Choose Your Migration Options

You can give your migration job a new name by overriding the default one. All other options can be left to default options unless you are completely sure.

Choose Your Migration Options

Step 11: Start the Migration

Preview your migration options one final time and click on the Start Migration button.

Start the Migration

Step 12: Migration is in Progress

Statuses like In-queue or In-Progress indicate the file transfer is in progress. You can download the migration report at any point in time during migration to check the accuracy of migration.

Migration is in Progress

Step 13: Migration Has Been Completed

The status becomes Processed when all the files are transferred successfully. Post migration, customers are requested to validate the migration by reviewing their source and destination accounts.

Migration Has Been Completed

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