CloudFuze Lets You Access Multiple Dropbox Accounts from One Platform


Multiple Dropbox Accounts

Multiple Dropbox Accounts

Dropbox gained instant attention in 2007 when it began providing cloud storage services to the general public. Currently, Dropbox has nearly 175 million users who frequently access their documents and other files stored on the Dropbox cloud server. In addition to Dropbox providing its users with a platform for cloud file storage, even including some free storage space, it also offers many useful features like synchronization, collaboration, and sharing of files between different users.

While it does have many sophisticated features, Dropbox does not allow you to easily sign into multiple Dropbox accounts at once. This makes synchronizing multiple Dropbox accounts difficult. To do so, users must login to each Dropbox account separately, and then manually toggle between windows to view all of their files. The other option for users of multiple Dropbox cloud storage accounts is to create a new Dropbox account for each unique user on the computer where Dropbox is installed. While this does enable several Dropbox folders to be present on the same computer, users who want to employ Dropbox’s syncing feature are again forced to manually alternate between the different users’ profiles on the computer— which means repeatedly logging in and out of each one. Thus, syncing multiple Dropbox accounts through Dropbox itself presents some real obstacles for the user.

But CloudFuze multiple cloud storage manager makes syncing between multiple Dropbox accounts easy and efficient. CloudFuze’s  application allows users to add and access multiple Dropbox accounts at once, from one computer. Plus, CloudFuze has Web, desktop,IOS and Android applications, providing you with convenient access to all of your cloud storage files from your PC, smart phone, or tablet. With just one simple log in to the CloudFuze platform, all of your Dropbox cloud files are available to view, edit, and organize from one place!

Besides enabling easy accessing and syncing of multiple Dropbox accounts, CloudFuze also allows you to sync multiple accounts for other cloud storage services, including Google Drive, Box, SugarSync, and FTP. Let CloudFuze help take the hassle out of managing your multiple cloud storage accounts!