Microsoft SharePoint Migration Tool’s Limitations and CloudFuze’s Solutions

Microsoft SharePoint Migration Tool’s Limitations and CloudFuze’s Solutions

Microsoft’s SharePoint migration tool, a free and simple tool, has many limitations. The tool’s limitations, in turn, raise risks for businesses that have extensive migration needs.

This post highlights significant SharePoint migration tool limitations that can affect mission-critical data migration projects. You can also learn about CloudFuze’s solutions for the SharePoint tool’s limitations.

1. Self-service Model

One of the biggest SharePoint migration tool limitations for enterprises is the self-service model of the free tool. Enterprises have extensive data migration needs that do-it-yourself solutions cannot meet.

Complex data migration projects must have a dedicated migration team that has full clarity of the entire migration project roadmap.

CloudFuze helps enterprises, SMBs, and MSPs ensure complete migration success with managed migration service that includes a dedicated migration team.

2. Limited Pre-migration Analysis

Microsoft’s SharePoint migration assessment tool only performs basic pre-migration scans and does not suffice for business-centric pre-migration analysis.

It’s crucial for companies to perform pre-migration analysis at the data level and at the business ROI level. Businesses that plan to restructure data in the destination cloud also need to get deeper insights

CloudFuze’s pre-migration analysis focuses on diving deep into source cloud data, helping businesses get meaningful insights to reach cloud data migration goals as well as organization-level goals.

3. Limited Visibility

Limited data visibility is another major Microsoft SharePoint migration tool limitation for business cloud data migration. The tool does not show users which in turn makes it challenging for businesses to perform user mapping.

Businesses can get full clarity on user mapping and data paths with CloudFuze’s cloud data migration platform.

4. No Automated Error-handling

With Microsoft’s SharePoint migration tool, businesses are also limited by the lack of automated error handling processes. The tool does not have a dedicated error handling function which helps IT teams save time in resolving minor errors.

CloudFuze has a dedicated re-try mechanism that automatically resolves the issue of files accidentally going into conflict.

5. File Size Limit

The size limit of individual files is capped at 250GB in Microsoft’s SharePoint migration tool. This limitation creates roadblocks for businesses when it comes to migrating large-sized files such as videos and presentations.

CloudFuze, on the other hand, does not have any individual file size limitations.

6. No Customization Options

Lack of customization options is also one of the major Microsoft SharePoint migration tool limitations. Many businesses, especially enterprises, need custom solutions that can cater to their specific cloud data migration requirements.

CloudFuze caters to all types of customization requirements to help businesses with even the most unique migration challenges.

7. Lack of Extensive Reporting

Microsoft SharePoint migration tool’s limitation is also associated with suboptimal reporting. The tool offers basic reporting which does not help businesses get deeper insights.

As CloudFuze is designed for business cloud data migration, it helps businesses get a 360° view of the migration progress through “Migration Summary Report” as well as “User Migration Summary Report.”

8. No Tailored Support

One of the main reasons why Microsoft’s SharePoint migration tool is not suited for businesses is the lack of tailored support, or any managed support at all. With the SharePoint migration tool, businesses only get the option to use DIY support guides to troubleshoot issues.

CloudFuze, on the other hand, offers bespoke support for every business cloud data migration project. A dedicated project manager along with an expert migration team ensures there are no loopholes and downtime in the entire migration project.