How to Sync Google Drive to OneDrive?

Syncing the content on your personal device to the cloud is a straightforward job. However, syncing one cloud service to another isn’t! In this tutorial, you will find step-by-step instructions that allow you to sync Google Drive and OneDrive. To sync OneDrive and Google Drive, you must have access to bother your Google Drive and OneDrive accounts.


  • OneDrive account
  • Google Drive account
  • A CloudFuze account

Step 1: Sign up for a CloudFuze Account

sign up
You need to create a CloudFuze account in order to use the sync feature. Go to the sign-up page now to create an account.

Step 2: Login to Your CloudFuze Account

Login to your account using the credentials that you have recently used to sign up for CloudFuze.

Step 3: Add and Authenticate Your Google Drive and OneDrive Accounts

add clouds
Since you want to sync your Google Drive files to OneDrive, you need to add both the clouds to your CloudFuze account and authenticate them.

Step 4: Adding and Authorizing Google Drive

add googledrive
Click on the Google Drive icon from the list of available cloud services and enter your Google account’s email and password when prompted. Upon successful login, Google will ask you if you wish to grant your account access to CloudFuze. Click Allow adding your Google Drive account successfully.

Step 5: Adding and Authorizing OneDrive

add onedrive
Now, go back to the Clouds page and begin adding your OneDrive account to CloudFuze following the same instructions mentioned in step 4.

Step 6: Verify that You Added the Two Clouds

verify clouds
Just click on Manage Clouds tab and you should be able to see both your Google Drive and OneDrive accounts in there if they are successfully added.

Step 7: Begin Syncing

To initiate the sync process, click on the Consumer Backup tab on the left navigational menu and choose your source cloud as Google Drive and destination cloud as OneDrive, as seen in the picture. Click on Backup button that you can spot on the top right corner of the page.

Step 8: Name Your Sync Job

name the sync job
Enter a preferred job name or leave the default name as it is and click on the Next button. Next, click on the Proceed button to confirm and initiate the sync process.

Step 9: Check the Status, Pause, or Abort Sync Process

pause & abort sync
To check the status of the job, go to Consumer Backup and click on the Sync Reports button on the top of the page. The page allows you to check the status of the sync and lets you pause or abort the sync process.

We hope you found this article on syncing OneDrive and Google Drive helpful.

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