How to Suspend a Dropbox Business Team User

Dropbox offers IT admins a way to suspend users but retain their accounts and data. The option is particularly useful in cases where temporary suspension is needed over a complete removal of the account. When a Dropbox admin suspends a user, the account ceases to function, including any login attempt and data syncing from existing desktop or mobile clients. In this article, we provided simple steps to follow to suspend a Dropbox Business user. Note that you must have Dropbox admin login credentials to suspend users.

Step 1: Log into your

Go to and enter your admin login credentials.

Step 2:  Go to Admin Console

Locate the Admin Console link in the left navigation menu and click on it. This will take you to the admin console page.

Step 3:  Choose Members under the Admin Console

Click on the Members section to choose a user whom you want to suspend.

Step 4: Search for the User

Enter the name or email ID of the person you want to suspend. Click on the gear icon.

Step 5: Click on the Settings Icon

Next to the name of a person, you will see a settings icon. Click it and it will expand to show you some options. Now, click on the Suspend Member option from the dropdown.

Step 6: Confirm and Suspend

You can delete the content from the user’s device by clicking on the Yes checkbox as seen in the screenshot below. If you rather want that content to be there, you can simply select no and proceed to click on the Suspend button. That will suspend the user until you reactivate the profile again.

We hope you found this article on Dropbox useful.

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