SharePoint File Restore Process Explained

In addition to providing extensive version history, SharePoint also allows a user to restore a SharePoint file to an earlier version or timelines. The primary benefit of this feature is the reversal of data loss or data corruption. The feature works similar to the system restore function in the Windows environment. In this tutorial, we provided simple instructions on restoring a SharePoint file to an earlier version.

Step 1: Sign in to Office 365 Account

Log in to your SharePoint account. You can log into SharePoint directly or go to to access it.

SharePoint restore account login

Step 2: Click on SharePoint

If you are accessing SharePoint from, click on the SharePoint from the list of available services.

Accessing the sharepoint

Step 3: Select a Site

Go to the SharePoint site where your document or file is located.

Site selection of Sharepoint

Step 4: Click on the Documents Tab

Once you are on the concerned SharePoint site, click on the documents tab that you can find the menu on the left.

Document tab

Step 5: Select the Document

Click on a document that needs to be restored to an earlier version.

Step 6:  Click on Version History

Click on the ellipses (…) and expand it for more options. Now, click on the Version History tab.

Version history of the sharepoint file

Step 7: A List of SharePoint File Versions Appear

The list of all versions of the file including their timelines appears on the page.

File restore versions of the sharepoint

Step 8: Select a Version to Restore the SharePoint File

Hover on a version and click on it. Locate the Restore option in the dropdown and click on it.

Version restore

Step 9:  Confirm SharePoint File Restore

Click on the OK button to confirm the task.


Keep in mind that SharePoint doesn’t remove the earlier version you just restored. It creates a copy and makes it the latest version.

We hope you found this article on SharePoint useful.

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