How to Do a Content Review in a Box Business Account Before Microsoft 365 Migration

When migrating from Box to OneDrive (Microsoft 365), it is important that you analyze the Box account thoroughly to have a better understanding of how the content is stored and structured.

A deeper content analysis ensures accurate migration timelines and complete data transfer.

The step one to a successful migration is reviewing and analyzing the content in the source cloud, Box. A company’s IT team needs to look into their existing Box account to fully understand the following parameters.

  • Total data size in the company’s Box account
  • Total owned data (Goes to OneDrive) vs. total shared data (goes to SharePoint)
  • List of group ownership and group membership
  • Usage of shared links
  • External collaborators list
  • External app integrations used in the account
  • Box workflow usage
  • Version history needs
  • Additional metadata that needs to be retained

The entire review process requires a lot of time as well as expertise, especially without the help of migration experts. Small companies with fewer employees often migrate content and they figure out the other things like integrations later. Enterprises or large companies can’t afford to do that as it can potentially break all the IT and business processes they set over a period, ensuing chaos.

As a part of the migration service, CloudFuze does all this work quickly and efficiently, thus saving not only a lot of time but also setting up the right tone for the migration.

Office 365 Complexities and Best Practices

Office 365 is undeniably one of the most popular cloud office suites on the market. However, both users and IT admins need some time to understand the platform’s potential fully. It becomes even more complex for companies that migrate to Office 365 after using some other cloud suite like Box for some years.

From a migration perspective, large companies often find it difficult to restructure and reorganize their Box content to fit into OneDrive and SharePoint Online.

This is where CloudFuze’s years of Office 365 expertise comes into the picture, eventually guiding our customers to make the right choices. We work directly with the IT teams as well as end-users (The head of a function or a department, for example).

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