Boost your Business with a Mobile Workforce

The world is constantly changing…no big surprise there. How do we keep up with an ever-changing environment? Adapt, and become part of the mobile workforce, readily syncing and sharing files. Ten years ago, we would have thought this meant working from home, sitting at yet another desktop computer. Now 2014 is upon us, and the mobile workforce has grown significantly. Mobile devices have changed the way we think, process, research, relax, work.

What is a mobile workforce?

A mobile workforce includes anyone who uses his/her mobile device (phone, tablet, etc.) to do work-related activity away from a brick and mortar office. While expanding the normal work day, the mobile workers are constantly connected and engaged in their work. Who are these people, and why don’t they ever go home?

Why a mobile workforce improves my business?

From Forbes’ website, Forbes explains iPass’s latest report on the mobile workforce, reiterating that “the average mobile worker carries 3.5 devices” at all times. Smartphones, tablets, phablets, readers and even netbooks power the modern workforce, and these devices are always on.

Mobility is the direction of business. We use mobile devices and cloud storage, in essence, to bring our work, to work. iPass states, “70% of mobile workers are allowed to use their personal mobile devices for work,” calling this “BYOD,” (bring your own device). Businesses want to create a more vital mobile environment that will maintain a competitive edge. Businesses want other businesses to be more mobile; expecting suppliers, buyers — their market–to have simple, high utility mobile apps to conduct better business.

Who is mobile and how do they work better and smarter for me?

Our typical mobile worker doesn’t distinguish between work and home life; it’s just “life.” All aspects of their life are important to them, but they can keep a mind on both. Age is not a determining factor here. We see older workers just as mobile as younger ones, especially in Business-to-Business transactions. The difference is thought process and team collaboration. Mobile workers are thinking of the next idea, visualizing the solution and using mobility to accomplish their goals, by managing files while mobile. Storing files in multiple cloud applications means an expanded network. Without their mobile device, these workers are back to writing ideas on cocktail napkins. By the time they get back to their computer at home – the idea has evaporated, left crumpled in a jacket pocket. The mobile device allows for ideation, with a few swipes of a finger.

“Get closer to your customers by becoming location-independent. Help your employees work smarter and better, any time, virtually any place, whether they’re across town or across oceans. Mobile devices and applications let people work the same way they live — always connected.”

– Verizon Wireless

 We cannot be immobile. We cannot procrastinate. Check your pocket: is a mobile device there? Our future is mobility in the workforce and in the workplace, that is to say, everywhere.

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