Businesses worldwide are now in need of migrating from Facebook Workplace to Google Chat more than ever before, the main reason being the platform’s upcoming shutdown. With CloudFuze as the migration partner, you can enable your organization to migrate all chats and groups along with memberships from Meta Workplace to Google Chat securely.

Explore this guide to understand the migration challenges and how our solutions can help overcome them. Also get clarity on the best practices to ensure your team does not go wrong in any area. Read on!

Facebook Workplace to Google Chat Migration Use Case

The common use case of moving from Facebook Workplace to Google Chat is the closure of the platform. Since the announcement from Meta, businesses have been in the market for robust alternatives such as Google Chat that are a part of a full-suite cloud office, such as Google Workspace. Businesses using Meta Workplace along with Google Workplace have been leveraging this change as an opportunity to consolidate into the former cloud suite.

Challenges of Moving from Meta Workplace to Google Chat

Businesses that have a lot of users and complex sharing structures can face several challenges in transferring chats and groups from Facebook Workplace to Google Chat. Here are some of the core challenges:

  • Mapping a high volume of user accounts from Workplace to Google Chat
  • Migrating a high volume of chats accurately for each user
  • Preserving the sequence of each user’s chat history
  • Replicating Meta Workplace Groups in Google Chat
  • Preserving memberships in Google Chat

Migrate Facebook Workplace to Google Chat with CloudFuze

With our one-stop migration solution, we can help your team overcome all the challenges and transition from Meta Workplace to Google Chat without any security and performance compromises.

From using dedicated servers to encrypting data in transit, we take care of security every step of the way. We implement the secure OAuth 2 authentication protocol to ensure your organization’s critical information, such as cloud login credentials, are not shared with anybody, including us.

Our migration team can help you migrate:

  • User accounts
  • Chat messages
  • Groups
  • Memberships

Additionally, our managed migration service handholds your team throughout the migration to ensure the entire journey is smooth sailing.

Use our Meta Workplace to Google Chat Migration Path – Industry’s Best Tool

Connect with our migration team and learn how our solution can help your company make the migration secure, fast, and non-disruptive.


Is Facebook Workplace closing?

Yes, Meta has announced the closure of Facebook Workplace in 2026. Workplace will be usable till August 31st, 2025. You can read about it here.

Why is Meta Workplace shutting down?

According to sources, Meta sent a memo to Workplace customers in which Meta states their shifting priorities towards AI and metaverse developments as the reason to discontinue the collaboration platform.

What are Facebook Workplace alternatives?

Google Chat, Microsoft Teams, and Workvivo are some of the good alternatives to Facebook Workplace for businesses.

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