Google One vs. Dropbox, OneDrive, Box, Amazon, and iCloud in 2018

As you may already know, Google rebranded its cloud storage service, Drive, as One recently and updated its pricing plans. Since Google updated its storage plans, we thought a comparison between Google One and leading consumer clouds such as Dropbox, Microsoft’s OneDrive, Box, iCloud, and Amazon would help users around the world choose a right cloud storage provider.

google one comparision

Pricing and features are the two critical factors we considered while comparing leading consumer cloud services with Google One. Let’s start with plans and pricing.


Free Tier

Almost all leading consumer cloud storage providers offer free storage. The size of the free storage space varies from one cloud to another.


Google One: 15 GB

Other Clouds

Dropbox: 2 GB

Microsoft OneDrive: 5 GB

Box: 10 GB (An individual file’s size must be less than 250 MB)

Amazon Drive: 5 GB

Apple iCloud: 5 GB

Google One (previously Google Drive) seems to be the clear winner in the free storage segment. Even though Box offers 10 GB of free storage, the individual file size limit may restrict users from harnessing the full potential. Note that Google’s free 15 GB is shared by multiple Google products ranging from Docs and Photos to Gmail. Therefore, one could consume their 15 GB quicker than they may anticipate.

Under $5 a Month

The demand for this tier has increased very much in the last couple of years. Except for Dropbox and Box, all other consumer clouds we mentioned in this article has a plan that costs $5 a month or less.


Google One: $1.99/100 GB, $2.99/200 GB (Two plans)

Other Clouds

Dropbox: No plans

Microsoft OneDrive: $1.99/50 GB (Storage only)

Box: No plans

Amazon Drive: $1/100 GB (approximately), $5/1 TB (approximately) two plans

Apple iCloud: $0.99/50 GB, $2.99/200 GB (Two plans)

Both Apple and Google appear to be frontrunners in this comparison. OneDrive does have a plan, but it doesn’t offer a lot of value as Google’s and Apple’s plans do. The plan doesn’t include Office 365 for PC or Mac.

Under $10 a Month

This tier was once an industry standard, but the increased commoditization of consumer cloud storage has led to the creation of an ocean of plans. It’s still the most-preferred plan for users with high storage needs, though.


Google One: $9.99/2 TB

Other Clouds

Dropbox: $9.99/1 TB

Microsoft OneDrive: $6.99/1 TB $9.99/5 TB (Up to 5 users) (Office 365 for PC or Mac)

Box: $10/100 GB

Amazon Drive: $10/2 TB (Approximately)

Apple iCloud: $9.99/2 TB

Microsoft seems to be a better choice in this segment because the tech giant is offering one terabyte of cloud storage for $6.99 a month. The plan also includes Office 365 subscription for up to 5 devices. Google One, Amazon Drive, and iCloud are good too.

More than $10 a Month

Let’s check what plans cloud storage providers have for people with very, very high storage requirements and see how Google fares against them.


Google One: $100/10 TB, $200/20 TB, $300/30 TB (Three plans)

Other Clouds

Dropbox: $16.58/TB

Microsoft OneDrive: No plans

Box: No plans

Amazon Drive: $20/4 TB (approximately)

Apple iCloud: No plans

Google One is ahead of its competitors when it comes to offering cloud storage for extremely large files or data.

To sum up, Google One, Microsoft, and iCloud plans appeal to an average cloud storage user. Dropbox continues to a preferred choice for Linux users, even though the company drew ire from Linux users for withdrawing support to several UNIX file systems. Cloud-based apps and features like iCloud Photo Library are good enough for Apple users.

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