CloudFuze Introduces High-Performance Cloud Office Migration Suite for Enterprises

CloudFuze announced that its upgraded and all-new cloud office migration suite would help enterprises and large companies migrate unstructured data from on-prem to cloud or cloud-to-cloud.

The CloudFuze’s migration engine can migrate terabytes between leading cloud office suites in a quick time. CloudFuze supports migrate between all leading cloud storage suites like Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Dropbox, Box, SharePoint, Azure, Egnyte, Amazon S3, etc.

Improved Performance

Being one of the industry leaders, the CloudFuze R&D team worked very hard over the years to reduce the delay in cloud adaption caused by large data transfers. Enterprises around the world now can migrate their business data to a preferred cloud storage within a few weeks, not months or years.

Supports Tens of Cloud Office and Storage Suites

CloudFuze is one of the very few cloud data migrators on the market that support a wide range of cloud services. In addition to the top five cloud office suites, CloudFuze supports several other cloud services that are often not supported by other migrators. CloudFuze ability to migrate data to and fro from SharePoint, Google Shared Drives, etc. makes it a great choice for enterprises.

Some of the Supported Combinations:

  • Dropbox for Business – G Suite / Workspace
  • Dropbox for Business – Google Shared Drive
  • Dropbox for Business – OneDrive Business
  • Dropbox for Business – SharePoint Online
  • Box for Business – G Suite / Workspace
  • Box for Business – Google Shared Drive
  • Box for Business – OneDrive Business
  • Box for Business – SharePoint Online
  • Box – Dropbox
  • Egnyte – OneDrive for Business
  • Egnyte – SharePoint Online
  • Egnyte – G suite / Workspace
  • Egnyte – Google Shared Drive
  • G Suite / Workspace – OneDrive for Business
  • G Suite / Workspace – SharePoint Online
  • Google Shared Drive – SharePoint Online
  • OneDrive Business – G Suite / Workspace
  • OneDrive Business – Google Shared Drive
  • Slack to Microsoft Teams

Helping Enterprises Navigate the Covid-19 Phase

Having data scattered among multiple platforms that do not allow for quick, efficient, and cost-effective sharing of files and documents is having a negative impact on employee productivity and company performance.

Companies need to standardize on one platform and quickly migrate data from existing platforms to their platform of choice.

This is the perfect time for any company to make the right ‘cloud move’. Businesses that still rely on traditional file systems must use a cloud service that provides both storage and collaboration facilities. Companies that are currently contemplating changing their cloud service provider need to decide quickly. This is just the beginning of the remote work trend that could last for months and years.

Protecting Its Own Employees and Infrastructure

Since CloudFuze plays a key role in digital transformation, CloudFuze prioritized on protecting its own employees and infrastructure from the negative effects of the pandemic, ensuring all our customer projects are completed on time.

Here is How CloudFuze Can Help Companies During the Pandemic

  • Transfer files from one cloud service to another
  • Migrate content from on-prem to cloud
  • Sync data between cloud services
  • Cloud-to-cloud data backup

Reach out to our migration team today should you have questions.

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CloudFuze supports more than 40 cloud Migration services including Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon, and Box etc.