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Secure access, syncing, and sharing from a single point - so you can focus on your business instead of focusing on your security.

CloudFuze Enterprise

CloudFuze Enterprise provides the solution you need to secure, manage, and track sensitive information that is stored in cloud file storage services. These services have exploded onto the scene and create critical risk and security issues due to the high likelihood of data loss or leakage. CloudFuze provides the right tools to allow the organization to know what information is being stored in these cloud services, the tools to secure it, and provides full management functionality. You can generate automated reports and perform audits to detect improper use of confidential data. CloudFuze also delivers back-up and file protection to ensure data is always available. And of course, CloudFuze allows you to integrate public and private cloud file storage services.

Manage mobile users

Control access within the CloudFuze mobile app and designate which other Cloud Services can or cannot be accessed by the individual user.


Integrate With 40+ Providers

Synchronize files across more than 40+ storage providers, and work with files from varies places as if they were all in one place.


Protect Against Data Leakage/Loss

Control content on devices with advanced features like move & share restrictions, remote wipe and file level access controls.


CloudFuze Migrate

CloudFuze Migrate provides the answer to using information that is stored in private clouds or many different public cloud file storage services. Starting with single sign-on that gives you access to all of the services you use, you can now see all your files on a single screen, and then migrate files to or from any of the different services that you use.

Drag & Drop migration

Leverage our clear, simple drag and drop interface to migrate data from ay where to anywhere as if they are beside each other.


Move reports & alerts

CloudFuze provides detailed reports for each Job operation as well as overall file transfer statistics. E-mail alerts may be configured to notify you when migration is completed.


Enterprise Performance

CloudFuze was built for industrial-strength from the ground-up. Our multi-threaded (streaming) service is user-configurable to match your network capabilities.


CloudFuze Personal

CloudFuze Personal provides you with the best tool for organizing, securing, managing, and protecting the information you may be keeping in numerous cloud based file storage services. CloudFuze changes the game, as you can now see all of your data, no matter which of the major cloud services you’ve put it in, on a single screen. You can now find files easily by searching across all of your cloud accounts with a single search. You can also move your files from service to service with a single command. CloudFuze will save you time and simplify using any popular cloud storage service.

Cloud Storage Manager

A single pane of glass to manage, access and share files from all your cloud storage services.


Cloud Collaboration

Securely collaborate with others by creating CloudFuze work-spaces to access files stored in any cloud.


Quick Search

Find files across any of your connected storage services from a single search query with CloudFuze.


Cloud to Cloud Collaboration at Your Fingertips