Integrate CloudFuze in Your SAAS Applications

CloudFuze provides cloud storage management capabilities to developers through its developer platform. Instantly add a robust suite of cloud file management features to your product.

Single Point of Integration for
Cloud Storage Services.

Make use of CloudFuze Developer Platform and simplify the way your product or application works with cloud storage services. Just connect to CloudFuze and we connect everything else for you. The CloudFuze developer platform is designed to save a lot of time and efforts, thus allowing developers to focus more on the core product.

Say Good-Bye to Ongoing Cloud Storage Maintenance.

CloudFuze API tracks and updates changing cloud storage universe, thus getting rid of the need to constantly add new cloud storage services and update your software as cloud storage providers make changes to their services. Let CloudFuze be your one-stop solution for all of your app’s cloud storage management needs.

Robust Technology and Sound
Safety Features.

CloudFuze supports open industry standards. Our RESTful with WebDAV support makes it very easy to add private storage. The platform utilizes OAuth security protocol and is highly secure. CloudFuze’s clearly listed API modules/operations and professional technical support make it an ideal choice for developers of all types and sizes.

Secure, Migrate & Manage