OneDrive (or) OneDrive Business Migration

OneDrive offers 15GB of cloud storage for free similar to Dropbox OneDrive has also got the incentive policy where the OneDrive users will get extra storage space by inviting contacts to OneDrive. Even the paid upgrade is also very reasonable for 1TB space. OneDrive supports all variety formats of a file be it your ms office file, video, photo, music or any other format OneDrive supports all.OneDrive can be accessed remotely from any windows computer. The biggest advantage with OneDrive is integration with Microsoft Office, Office 365 and social sharing options directly from the drive.

With all these advantages many users using other cloud storage services like Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and Amazon would like to migrate to OneDrive. The traditional method to migrate from one cloud storage service to another requires downloading all the data to the computer/mobile and uploading the same to the other cloud storage service. This process consumes a lot of bandwidth and time and root folder structure needs to be recreated as previous.

CloudFuze offers the most simplified process to transfer file from any other cloud storage service to OneDrive.

Just simply configure your OneDrive account and other storage services from which you want to migrate data from, by selecting move one cam simply transfer the data related to other cloud storage service to OneDrive. The best part here is one can select specific files or folders to transfer to OneDrive.

Once the migration task has been created, you can simply log off as the migration will happen from CloudFuze server, you can even set up an email notification, and you will receive a notification once after the migration task is completed. There is also an option while scheduling your migration task either or not to keep the files that are migrated in the native cloud.

On the other side if you wish to migrate data from OneDrive to another or move files between different cloud storage services, you can also do that by following the same procedure whereas you need to select OneDrive in the native cloud place and the other source in the destination cloud place.

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