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Over the years, ECM systems including SharePoint, Documentum, Alfresco and others have become a cornerstone of large enterprises’ management of content and information. While ECM systems are powerful in terms of content management, they have inherent limitations when it comes to data accessibility. Until quite recently, IT departments have not allowed employees remote access from “outside the firewall” due to the challenges of maintaining adequate security and controls. But to maximize productivity, the increasingly mobile workforce is demanding remote access to their content and in many cases circumventing corporate policy when enterprise IT does not support it.

Through both its client/user applications and partner community, CloudFuze answers the need for enterprise-level content management and integration. CloudFuze applications support ECM connectivity and, in general, connectivity to all things storage. So content stored in private storage systems inside the firewall or in ECM systems like SharePoint or Documentum can now be accessed externally. Through its suite of applications designed to support enterprise mobility, CloudFuze offers the mobile workforce seamless connectivity and unified access to corporate data from a variety of mobile devices all while adhering to defined security policies.

The CloudFuze native web application is typically accessed through laptop/desktop PCs. However, when employees are away from the office, they can access the same content from their IOS and Android mobile devices. CloudFuze’s single sign-on feature assures that the same data is reflected across all interfaces. CloudFuze customers use a single account and a single sign on that can be used to reach all of their content regardless of what device they are using or what storage repository the content resides in. The end result is that previous technical challenges to access content are eliminated and workers can focus on productive work.

Within the CloudFuze applications, customers gain many basic file management features including preview, download, edit, delete, etc. More importantly, they also get a layer of advanced collaboration and productivity capabilities that reach across any device and any storage location. And by following industry technical standards and supporting existing enterprise security policies, all of this is accomplished without compromise to data security and control.

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