REHAU Adopts Microsoft 365 with CloudFuze

REHAU, a top polymer manufacturer, faced a challenge with their expiring Dropbox licenses, requiring a shift to another platform. With the need for moving over 45 TB of data for 7000+ users from Dropbox to Microsoft 365’s OneDrive and SharePoint Online within a tight schedule, REHAU turned to CloudFuze for their migration expertise.

REHAU Case Study

Customer Overview

REHAU stands as a worldwide pioneer in polymer solutions, consistently advancing in the construction, automotive, and several industrial fields. Driven by a deep dedication to innovation, REHAU offers solutions from energy-saving windows to advanced automotive parts.

Migration Challenges

Migration Challenges

During their shift to Microsoft 365, REHAU faced multiple challenges. They had a limited timeline to avoid Dropbox license renewal. Migrating over 100,000 files to SharePoint raised permission inheritance concerns, potentially affecting access management. Additionally, moving numerous Dropbox folders with only one SharePoint Site owner risked API throttling, which could delay the process.

CloudFuze’s Role

To address REHAU’s migration challenges, CloudFuze optimized server resources for faster data transfer. CloudFuze also implemented specific approaches to migrate Dropbox sub-folders to SharePoint Online while overcoming the API throttling issue.

CloudFuze's Role
Migration Results

Migration Results

CloudFuze’s dedication ensured REHAU’s successful migration. The project was completed on time with minimal business disruption. CloudFuze maintained data integrity, innovatively managed permissions for over 100K files in SharePoint Online and ensured zero downtime by effectively countering API throttling.