LANDESK customers can now use CloudFuze with LANDESK’s Enterprise Mobility Management and Total User Management Solutions

LANDESK is a leading provider of software solutions aimed at maximizing user productivity while reducing the associated IT complexities, risks, and costs to the business. LANDESK’s Enterprise Mobility Management offerings are a complementary fit for CloudFuze which is focused on mobile content access and collaboration.

CloudFuze is a leader in enabling productivity at the intersection of mobility and broad content access. CloudFuze apps for Windows desktop, iOS, Android, and web provide universal access to content from more than 30 file storage repositories including public cloud storage, private cloud storage, ECM systems and private/on-premise storage. Productivity and collaboration features include rich file sharing, multi-storage search and shared workspaces that reach across storage platforms. Both device and storage repository become invisible, so workers can focus on productivity.

The CloudFuze apps provide additional content access and productivity capabilities as part of a broader solution built around LANDESK’s Mobility Management and Total User Management solutions.

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