How CloudFuze Migrates Permissions from Box to Google Drive

Migrating sharing permissions is the core feature of CloudFuze’s migration engine, X-Change. If you are an IT admin currently tasked with migrating your company’s Box data to Google Drive (Google Workspace or G Suite), you must understand how the content sharing ecosystem in Box and Google Drive differs, followed by how CloudFuze migrates the permission levels.

Box Levels of Access

Box provides a total of 7 permission levels and 30+ content actions for collaborators.

  1. Co-owner
  2. Editor
  3. Viewer Uploader
  4. Previewer Uploader
  5. Viewer
  6. Previewer
  7. Uploader

CloudFuze is Google Migration Partner and has migrated some of the world’s largest organizations to Google Drive, including The Discovery. Access our Discovery case study here.

The table shows how collaborators with different permission levels can work on a shared file or folder. We added the table here to help you review your Box.

Co-owner Editor Viewer Uploader Previewer Uploader Viewer Previewer Uploader
Edit File
File Request Link
Mark for Offline(Box Drive only)
Mark for Offline(Box Mobile only)
View / Add Comments*
Delete Files/Folders
View / Create Tasks
Add / Edit Tags
View Tags
View Metadata
View Tags
Invite People
Edit Folder Name
Edit File Name
Create Subfolders
Edit Folder Settings
Lock/Unlock File
Send View-Only Links
View Item List in Folder
Sync Folder(Box Sync only)
Set a Collaborator’s Level of Access
Restrict Invitations
View / Export Access Stats
View Recent User Activity in Preview Header
Set Shared Link Password
Build Relay workflow
Create annotations
Delete annotations
Create / Delete Folder Lock (API only)

you can read more about these controls in the unlimited Guide to Box to Google Drive Permissions.

Access Levels in Google Drive

Google Drive, on the other hand, lean file-sharing ecosystem. Editor, Viewer, and the Commenter are the only three access levels in Google Drive. While editors can work on a file or folder along with the owners, viewers are limited to just viewing content. Commenters are Viewers with the ability to add comments to Google documents, spreadsheets, presentations, etc.

  1. Editor
  2. Commentor
  3. Viewer

How CloudFuze Maps and Migrates Box Permissions to Google Drive

While transferring files from Box to Google Drive, CloudFuze converts each Box access level to a relevant one in Google Drive. The following table

gives you an idea how Box permissions will be migrated to Google Drive.

Box Google Drive
Owner Owner
Co-Owner Editor
Editor Editor
Viewer Uploader Editor
Previewer Uploader Viewer
Viewer Viewer
Previewer Viewer

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