CloudFuze Cloud Connector is designed to support the connectivity and file access needs of enterprises. CloudFuze offers endless integration possibilities for Enterprises Content Management services like Sharepoint, Documentum, Alfresco, Eucalyptus, Cloudian and CMIS to support connectivity to various places where enterprise files live. CloudFuze also supports both cloud and on-premise implementation models to address the differing connectivity, access and control requirements of enterprises..
CloudFuze offers more advanced file management features including single sign on, file sharing, shared workspace collaboration and file transfer to name a few. These features can be applied to an enterprise’s ECM even if the native ECM does not support such capabilities. The result is that CloudFuze brings cutting edge management and collaboration capabilities to historical enterprise file repositories like ECMs that lack some of these features.

With CloudFuze Cloud Connector it is easy to integrate and access content inside various ECMs and at the same time allow access to files within other public and enterprise cloud storage services. CloudFuze Connector allows you to create hybrid cloud storage infrastructure where you can configure connectors to any storage service or file repository and access files from a single interface. You can even use CloudFuze’s advanced user interface for your file management needs.

Configuration of CloudFuze is quite easy. File permissions can be maintained the same as defined by the enterprise’s IT/admin or can keep its native permissions and later can be managed by the enterprise

CloudFuze is also designed for enterprise-class security. CloudFuze uses OAuth and salt values for encryption to ensure that access to your content is secure. Initial establishment of storage account access also requires detailed authentication from the parent service before an account is accessible via CloudFuze.

CloudFuze also supports different deployment models to address the differing requirements of enterprises. CloudFuze can deployed in a software as a service (SaaS) model or as an on-premise private instance.

For the SaaS model CloudFuze offers its functionality in a service model the configuration is handled through the CloudFuze API server and no server is required from the enterprise.

For the on-premise deployment model, a CloudFuze server is established on the enterprise site within the office network inside the firewall. The deployment can also support existing network, security and access policies including LDAP, AD, etc.

In the end, CloudFuze offers the ability to extend cutting edge file access and collaboration capabilities to even existing enterprise file repositories with deployment flexibility that keeps the control, security and network/infrastructure design within the control of the enterprise’s IT department.