CloudFuze Cloud File Manager

The key purpose of CloudFuze is to provide users with an accessible cloud management system. This intuitive platform allows you to manage, collaborate and transfer files from each of your cloud storage accounts. Just log into CloudFuze, sync your different cloud based management systems, and enjoy a single point of access for every file you own.


CloudFuze fetches files from all of your synced cloud storage accounts so you can view everything under one powerful platform. By consolidating your file search to one cloud file manager, you save time and energy better spent on other tasks. The CloudFuze management interface also includes filters and categoriesso you can keep your personal and professional projects organized.

Bring All of Your Clouds to CloudFuze

CloudFuze supports a majority of the most popular cloud storage tools including Google Drive, Dropbox, Box and Microsoft OneDrive. Our cloud based storageinterface allows you to upload, edit, and manage files from each account. CloudFuze also gives you the option of integrating multiple accounts per cloud service for maximum accessibility. Additionally, CloudFuze is compatible with enterprise content management systems such as Sharepoint, Network Storage, Egnyte and Office 365. No matter where you save documents, photos, or data, CloudFuze provides one global view for swift file retrieval and smartmanagement. Fora complete list of supported cloudstorage managers click here

Manage Files On the Go

Effortlessly access and manage your cloud accounts from our CloudFuze app. This platform is available in a suite of apps for iOS, Android, web and Windows desktop that support any device

Access every cloud file from one intuitive platform.

CloudFuze Management Features

CloudFuze is an award-winning cloud transfer system for effortless cloud data migration. The following is a brief overview of the many benefits of CloudFuze:

Swift File Retrieval | Smart Management

In addition to file management features, the CloudFuze platform includes a rich set of collaboration features including file sharing, file transfer and collaboration to make your cloud experience more productive.