Barrow County School System Embraces Microsoft 365 With CloudFuze

In the process of multi-faceted internal changes, Barrow County School System made the decision to move from Google Workspace to Microsoft 365. CloudFuze presented Barrow County School System with tailored migration solutions that met their exact needs.

Barrow County School System Case Study

Customer Overview

Barrow County School System, located in Winder, Georgia, is a prominent public school district committed to delivering top-notch education to its students. Driven by a mission to create a dynamic learning atmosphere, they continuously update their technological tools to meet their students’ evolving needs.

Migration Challenges

Migration Challenges

Migrating to Microsoft 365 was challenging for Barrow County School System due to the intricate data structure in Google Workspace, which involved multiple school groups and many schools. The need to simultaneously transfer over 12,000 staff and student accounts within a tight timeframe added to the complexity. Ensuring data security, given the sensitive nature of educational data, was also paramount.

CloudFuze’s Role

CloudFuze offered Barrow County School System streamlined and secure migration solutions. CloudFuze simplified school and user account transfers, ensured data integrity from Google Workspace to OneDrive and SharePoint Online, and implemented top-tier security protocols. Throughout, CloudFuze provided expert technical support, guaranteeing a seamless transition.

CloudFuze's Role
Migration Results

Migration Results

With CloudFuze’s assistance, Barrow County School System smoothly transitioned from Google Workspace to Microsoft 365. Over 50 TB of data was seamlessly migrated to OneDrive and SharePoint, with strategic school groupings and minimal downtime. CloudFuze’s advanced security measures ensured the protection of the system’s sensitive data throughout the process.