Setup Instructions for Yandex

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With CloudFuze, you can now add multi-cloud file management and collaboration for your Yandex account!

Access Your Yandex Account Through CloudFuze

Step 1 :
  • Upon establishing a new CloudFuze web app account, you will be directed to the landing page shown below. This is where you add your Yandex account to CloudFuze. If you already have a CloudFuze account, you will instead click on “Clouds” on the left menu and follow the steps to set up a new cloud.
  • Click “Add Cloud Account” button.

Click on Move

Click Add Cloud Account Button

Step 2 :

  • On the “Add Cloud Account” page, click on the WebDAV button.

Click On WEBDAV Button

Step 3 :

  • You will then be prompted to enter your Yandex credentials. For “Enter WebDav URL” field enter – Enter the required information on the WebDAV sign in page and then click save at the bottom left of the authorization screen.

Enter The Credentials

  Step 4:  

  • Next click on Manage Clouds to verify that your Yandex account has been successfully added. It will show as “WebDAV” under the “Cloud Drive” column.

Verify Yandex Under ManageClouds

  Step 5: 

  • Your are ready to manage and use collaboration features from CloudFuze for your Yandex files and can also manage other cloud storage accounts from the same CloudFuze account.

Browse Yandex Files

   For example, you can now use CloudFuze to move files into Yandex from Google Drive or other cloud storage accounts.

Select Source Files

confirm move transaction

Verify the move status